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Yazzie! My e-mail program lost your message and address

Hi! Your cat pix were on the large size and somehow got your email deleted just after I opened it. I saved the cat pix to a computer folder but lost all contact with you.  I hope you check here.  Sigh.

Carole & Louie

NEW Modern Retelling
   NEW Modern Retelling

Two updated Scrooge tales with new ghosts, guilt, humor, and hope

NEW Delilah Street stories
Delilah Street on the case

Five noir urban fantasy stories featuring Celebrity Zombies like Cary Grant and the Invisible Man

Midnight Louie mystery
Midnight Louie mystery

Now in hardcover and eBook. In mass market paperback, July 1, 2014

Midnight Louie/Delilah Street
Once Upon A Midnight Noir fantasy mystery

Three mystery with a fantasy twist stories, NEW in print and e-Book!