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NEW! 28th and last Louie mystery
NEW! 28th and last Louie mystery

THE END IS HERE! Coming August 23 in trade paperback and eBook the 28th and last Midnight Louie feline PI mystery! There WILL be a wedding! Pre-order at Amazon and Apple!

Finding the Irene Adler books



I want to express how much Iยดve enjoyed reading your Irene Adler series that I just recently discovered. Thank you for writing it. Every reading passage including her interacting with Sherlock Holmes left me the impression of having a bite in a delicious and luxurious chocolate that filled all my senses. I really enjoyed and it trapped me, besides it took me to Europe XIX century with all the details that made the whole experience even more exquisite. It was not easy at all to get your books, but I tried my best and after months I did it and read them all. I liked all the books of course but I have the feeling that is not over yet. I want to know about the tattoo that the gypsy told her she would have done and the love story between Stanhope and the marvelous Nell. Iยดm in love with all characters. Thank you again for giving this to the world of the classics.

CND: Thanks, Diana! Your email came into an unconnected blog, so I moved it to the proper place, hoping that will get going. Your praise is lavish and heart-warming. This is a time of transition in the print media and publishing world and readers like you who persist in getting all the books make a writer very happy. The entire series will be on e-book soon, as the latter four books already are. That’s the way it’s going, I’m afraid, for those who prefer print books. Most are still available in new paperbacks.

I never say never, having written almost sixty novels. The Adler books were suspended for seven years and came back, and may do so again. There are no immediate plans, I’m sorry to say.

18 Responses to “Finding the Irene Adler books”

  • Hi, Julie,

    I’m really bad at checking for comments. Apparently, I get emails about some new ones and not others! So sorry to be late responding to someone who loves the Irene Adler books so much! The publisher has the last four in eBook, so you should be able to get Castle Rouge and Femme Fatale. I can’t understand why not. Is that still a problem? I also have a story in eBook, “The Private Wife of Sherlock Holmes,” and will be getting more of those out next year. One author, too many series!!

    Thanks for your interest and persistance!

  • Julie:

    Hi Carole

    I’ve only recently found this series of books. I’ve loved reading the Irene Adler books that I can get copies of – I’ve managed to find either hard copies or e-books for my kindle for most of them but can’t seem to get Castle Rouge or Femme Fatale on any format. I’m very disappointed as I actually decided to bite the bullet so to speak and buy me a kindle thinking at least I’d be able to read the rest of the series. She’s an awesome character and I adore the drole humour throughout. I could get Spider Dance but don’t want to read them out of order. Yes, I agree with one of the above comments – Irene and Co. deserve to out there and marketed so more folk have access to them… Thankyou

  • Hi, Margaret!

    I’m so glad to hear you’re a rereader and the Adler series is a favorite. I’m getting some Irene Adler stories and novellas online in eBook,
    and eventually in a print collection. Another Adler adventure . . . quite possible, but not for while.

  • Margaret F.:

    I have just finished (for the third time :)) reading the Irene Adler series. I am an avid reader, and this series ranks among my favourites.
    Thank you so much for writing this series and for introducing such memorable characters (especially Nell :))
    I would be delighted to hear about a new book in the series. Fingers crossed!

  • That’s a shame. I’ve put an Irene Adler novella out in e-book myself, “The Private Wife of Sherlock Holmes,” and it involves a gramophone! I was a theater major, so I’d love to read some of my work myself, and would probably start with the shorter pieces, like this. I need to get the first four Adler books out in e-book. Much material will ultimately be available direct from the author, so sign up for my newsletter if you don’t get it already, for news of what’s coming. I’ve got a busy two or three years ahead of me!! Thanks for writing.

  • Jane H:

    … And the audiobooks? The readings were wonderful. The tapes at my library wore out! I’d buy them if I could find them.

  • Hi, Sundae,

    There is somewhat of a resurgence for the Irene Adler series because of the new Sherlock Holmes movie . . . the early books of the series have sold in Japan and Poland (they were previously published in France)! I have written Irene Adler short stories and novellas and am hoping to begin posting them on Kindle this year. That might not be the format you want, but publishing is changing by the day right now. I hear you! And the others who want more of Irene and Nell and Quentin. And I appreciate your enthusiasm for the books. Do you get the newsletter in mailed or e-scribe form. You can sign up on my site and keep up with what’s coming.

    Thanks for writing!


  • SWoodall:

    I started the Irene Adler series several years ago, and I check regularly to see if there is anything new coming out. I was so hoping with the Sherlock Holmes movie out and doing well that there would be a resurgence which would maybe make the Adler series more viable. I so wanted to have more Nell and Quentin, but I will take anything I can get. Please do some short stories or anything. Thank You!

  • Hi, Elizabeth,

    Glad to hear you’re keeping on top of the Adler books! I need to get my Irene Adler novellas and stories out in e-book versions. Time to convert and post them is the problem. It isn’t that hard, I hear.

    Perhaps I can get a couple out on Kindle and Smashwords in February/March when I’m getting ready for my April gigs as Guest of Honor at Malice Domestic mystery convention in Bethesda, MD, April-29-May 2 and as Mystery Captain for the Romantic Times LA convention April 6-10. I’m also going to be writer Guest of Honor at CONduit SF/F convention in Salt Lake City May 27-29. And Midnight Louie’s new book should be cooking by then. No rest for the writer! ๐Ÿ™‚

    My older reverted novels are all in typed MS form, although I have a good scanner. Could use tips on the scanning parameters; not much documentation. For instance, the default is PDF and I don’t know if that works on all platforms. I hope to get an iPad in a few months I can read e-books on and get more familiar with what’s possible and how it’s done. Too busy writing to master all the new devices! Thanks for the offer!

  • Elizabeth:

    More love for Irene, Nell, and friends. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m very excited to see that the earlier books will be re-released as ebooks, as my paper versions are in boxes in storage– no room for shelves in my current home. ๐Ÿ™ Please let me know if I can help or point you toward resources to help you get comfortable in “the digital world.” ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Happy Holidays, Cheryl!

    Thanks for your comments on the Irene Adler series and what you like about it. I’d love to further investigate the Nell and Quentin situation myself. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’ve really enjoyed writing the novels. And, yes, one of my goals was to revisit a Holmes and Watson true to Conan Doyle’s intent, as the character of Irene is.

    Hope you subscribe to my newsletter, because I mention short fiction there and will also be reporting when I’m able to put some Irene Adler short fiction on Kindle and other e-book formats, as the anthologies with the stories are getting hard to find.


  • Cheryl:


    I am a Sherlock Holmes fan, Mary Russell fan and now, most emphatically, an Irene Adler Norton fan – I have to agree with Alicia – I am waiting for Nell and Quentin to finally get together
    permanently! I have enjoyed the characters – what a mix! the mystery and the wonderful detail given to their fashions. . . .I am especially gratified that the personna of Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson in these books is true to the original portrayal in the Conan Doyle stories.

  • Hi, SusiKat,

    The latest Louies and Castle Rouge are in e-book now. Not a help if you don’t have an e-reader. I don’t either, but hope to get the next generation iPad next year. Authors cherish library patronage, which helps keep the hardcover versions in print. It looks like e-books will be dominant shortly, though. Hardcover book sales fell 40 percent in October! They’d already fallen about 30% when Cat in an Ultramarine Scheme came out in August. September had another drop. The print media world is written on water these days and subject to the winds of change monthly.

    I’m going to be Guest of Honor at the Malice Domestic convention in Bethesda MD April 29-May 1, 2010, and the Lifetime Guest of Honor is Sue Grafton of the A, B, C series. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m happy Irene appeals to readers of the Egyptian archeologist! I enjoy those too, and brought a bit of Egyptology into the Delilah Street series, completely twisted and evil, of course.


    Carole and Louie and Irene and Delilah

  • Thanks, Lisa! Oh, that devoutly-to-wished “better marketing.” But you enthusiastic readers are my best marketers! Thanks for reminding me of the hints I left. I fully expected then to be writing a new Adler book/books.

    If you all will subscribe to my newsletter in print or e-mail attached PDF, you’ll keep up with what I hope to do soon, such as making Louie and Irene and Delilah short stories and novellas I own on various e-readers. Some authors are even doing a small limited edition print run, a POD paperback version and an e-book version. I’m a one-writer operation with little time to master new computer forms, so my first efforts will probably be with e-books.

    Thanks for your support!

    Carole et. al.

  • Thanks, Alicia, for your enthusiasm for the Adler series and expressing your druthers.

    I didn’t intend to leave you hanging. When writers get into series, they hope, but can’t guarantee, that publishing will allow the storyline to continue.
    Right now, print media are having a meltdown. BUT . . . it’s also possible for authors to write directly for Kindle and Nook and Sony and various e-readers and collect more than the usual six or six and three-quarters percent of the cover price. So, as long as their readers are willing to pay modestly for the author’s work, that author can survive on fewer sales and sell direct to readers. I tried this experiment in 2003 and 2006 with the POD illustrated Midnight Louie novellas “Something Fishy” and “Coyote Peyote.” They were expensive and I did them as numbered collectibles. There are many more options now. I’m luckier than many writers at the moment in that I have contracts for three more Louie books and two more Delilah books. So I don’t have time to learn how to do all the new digital file tricks. But it does mean I can say, Irene Adler is not necessary over. I’ve written some short stories and novellas to keep the characters going and will “put them up” when I get a little time.


    Carole and Irene and Nell

  • SusiKat:

    The above could have been written by me!! Although I began with the Midnight Louie series (love cats and mysteries) I also became intrigued with Irene. I am a fan of Sherlock Holmes in all forms, literature and BBC Mystery! movies especially, and HAD to read your Adler series. I was hooked from the beginning!! I now own (thanks to ebay and scouring our local flea markets) all but the last couple Louie and Castle Rouge. Luckily my local library has copies and I have read them all (in order, several times). I am quite eagerly awaiting the next installment of Louie and hope you do get another Adler or 2 going. You are one of my favorite writers along with a certain 1, 2, 3 serial writer and an Egyptian archealogist character (;-D). This MAY belong in the “General” catagory, but as I wholeheartedly agree with dshantal, I figured to write it here.

  • lisa stallings:

    I read the Irene Adler books when they first came out with a young friend- We loved them. I just found my way back to the series and have re-read the early books and gobbled up the later books. I’m crushed that no new books are in the planning stage- The last one left some very tantalizing questions: Was the the code book just a red herring? What about the German speaking men who accosted Irene on her way out of New York? I wish that the series had better marketing- They are charming books and deserve a huge audience. Thanks for the pleasure of Irene and Nell’s company for all these years.

  • I’m just going to hitch onto this post and say that I LOVE the Adler series as well, and am dying!!!! Nell and Quentin stuck on the Atlantic together…very cruel to leave me hanging this way ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Irene Adler was one of my first female heroes and I think your series does her a great justice, well done and thank you. But I confess I am an even bigger Penelope Huxleigh fan so I hope she returns with the rest of her entourage soon. ๐Ÿ˜€

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