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NEW! 28th and last Louie mystery
NEW! 28th and last Louie mystery

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Sword & Circlet and Taliswoman fantasy series


Hi, Carole,

I have recently re-read (for the ?nth time) Six of Swords (I have and love all the other Irissa/Kendrick tales, too)and it inspired me to track down the Taliswoman books. Now I’m hot to read the third (which,from your comments, I assume you have ready in MS somewhere, even though it was regrettably never published).

Is there a realistic chance of this ever happening? If not, is there any possibility of posting a precis of the plotline on your webpage, just so we know what happens in the end? I so hope that Alison and Rowen get together and Darnellyne’s face is healed and how Alison explains the missing 5 months, – etc., etc., etc.

Yours wistfully,

‘Needy’ ;)

Dear ‘Needy,

I love writing that above opening. So Ann Landers.

I’m still getting posts on the discontinued “stub” blog, so I’ll have to look into that. Meanwhile, I’ve copied your query to the main blog and I’ve entered a “Fantasy and Science Fiction” category there. Thanks to you.

I’m glad you found all five of  the Irissa/Kendric books and the two Taliswoman novels. The third book of the trilogy fell victim to being postponed by the publisher as my two mystery series got going and did so well I never found time to get back to it.

But I never say never in publishing. The Probe/Counterprobe sequence was to have four books, not two, and perhaps I can resume it later too.

As for giving you a hint of the Taliswoman ending, I wrote the first chapter years ago, but am an “organic” writer, which means I let the characters loose to surprise me as well as the readers. So I don’t have it written or even a plot outline. I can say that I wouldn’t leave anybody hanging over an abyss, or undealt with by the end.

Thanks for enjoying the books and asking about Taliswoman. Things happen authors (and publishers) can’t control, especially nowadays when the print media is changing so fast and who knows what will be the case in as little as two or three years?

35 Responses to “Sword & Circlet and Taliswoman fantasy series”

  • Thanks, Terry, for your inquiry. I’m getting the older books into digital format as soon as I can. Scanning them for eBook means a thorough proofing for errors. I must reread them too, and have covers designed. This might take a while! You can order my annual newsletter in print or PDF-attached format to keep up with the progress being made. The sign-up location is on my wwww.carolenelsondouglas.com website.

  • Terry Chase:

    Is it possible to get the other books in the series in digital format. I read Six of Swords in paperback, but dicey eyesight (perils of aging) makes it easier to read on Kindle or iPad.

  • I appreciate your tenacity! Someone brought a first edition paperback of Six of Swords for me to sign at the recent RT Booklovers Convention in Dallas! I’ve made a decision. I’m having the whole lot of my almost thirty reverted books scanned and formatted for ebook. I have a scanner, but not the time now. The first to be covered and released will be the seven fantasy titles I can’t get reverted print rights for. I’d hoped I could go over these books before re-release, but I’ve got so much backlist that’s not practical. These books and my head were messed with by what I call Evil Editors, whom I’ve encountered four of over 60 books: those not working WITH the author and FOR the publisher to produce a successful book/s people will love to read, but those with control and even sabotage agendas who are enmeshed in-house rivalries and politics. I had to hope, during the years I saw what began as a spontaneous “surprise bestselling” fantasy career go south, that my journalism-learned writing and editing disciplines and skills would help me make the books as good as I could get them under the negative pressures I faced. The reviews and fact that readers still want them, indicate I managed this, but I know how bad “the stars” were for these books, through no fault of their own or their author’s. This broad conversion process still will take some time to finish, but I’m putting it into motion now. Thanks for “nagging” me. 🙂

  • DF:

    I know… the annual Swords and Circlet question about ebooks 😉 There are people whom I want to read these stories, and I’m reluctant to lend out my paper copies, which are getting rarer to find every year!

    Many thanks

  • Hello, Loyal Reader!!

    I’m thinking that I may be able to get those ebooks out in 2016. It’s not the conversion, it’s the re-reading I’d want to do. I’m so lucky to have readers wanting my early books, but I also have to get ten Midnight Louie books reread and converted, not to mention the four in an early ML series. All the Irene Adlers are out in ebook, though, and those are long, so that was a big project!

  • DF:

    Hi, Carole

    Is there any more word on the Sword & Circlet ebooks. Sorry, I know you get these questions year in year out 😉

  • Hi, Judy!

    What a coincidence! I’m thinking about the series because I have eBooks rights to it and can get it out in that format now. That will take a couple years. There aren’t any more, but, who knows, when I finish rereading and proofing the five books I might be moved to continue. Thanks for your rousing reaction!

  • I just finished the Irissa/Kendrick series (5 books). Are there any more? I love them…..again! Had packed them away for years and just moved and decided to re-read them. Thanks for them — you have done a magnificent job!

  • Hi, Jean,

    This is now–finally–in my power and on the schedule. I can reissue Six and the other four books in eBook! I intend to do that as soon as I can, but must scan and edit them, and am not seeing this happening until next year. I know more loyalists like you are waiting for this . . . and more. Now it’s really possible. Hold on just a bit longer! I’m dancing as fast as I can!

    Thanks for your patience!


  • Jean:

    Six of Swords Series..

    I have been patiently awaiting the re release of the Six of Swords Series.
    I have an older copy of the books and the pages are yellowish brown and stuck together.
    If it were released in eBook format, that would be Great!



    I am not the only one who feels this way and who would like current books about Irissa/Kendrick, I see a post from 2010/09/20 at 5:20 am as well.

  • Hi, Alan,

    Thanks for posting! I’ll be getting my early fantasy books out in eBook and some in print in the next couple of years. That includes the two Taliswoman books. Thanks for your comments on Alison. I hope to finish her story in the future!

  • Alan:

    It has been some years since I have read the first two book books of the Taliswoman and I have found the release dates of the third book twice that never come to be. I have read 2 Adler books and a few Midnight Louie books because I am such a fan of your story telling even though I mostly stick to fantasy stories like your sword books. I love how Alison Carver is so passionate and grounded as a reporter reporting real world problems, a dragon slayer of sorts. Thank you for all the fun! Alan

  • Dear Diane,

    You’ll be happy to know Taliswoman is very much on my mind. Yes, it
    would be good to at least produce an outline of an ending if there
    can’t be an entire book. I never wanted to leave the series, or any
    series, dangling, but forces outside the writer often intervene.

    Glad you’re enjoying the wide variety of my worlds! Have you tried
    my Irene Adler series? She is a much stronger character than the two
    recent film versions, who are controlled by Moriarty. She is “too
    independent to be anyone’s mistress but her own.” And then some.
    She fights a sword duel disguised as Sarah Bernhardt’s son, pursues
    a new candidate for Jack the Ripper, and generally sleuths among
    “the bad and the beautiful of Belle Epoque Europe and NYC.”
    The first four books are coming out in eBook near the end of September.

  • Diane Goudreau:

    Hi Carole,
    I’m actually a huge Delilah Street fan, who was lucky enough to come across book 1 of the Taliswoman series at a neighborhood used book store- then found book book 2 online at Amazon. From the above comments I can see that as of last year there was no short term plan to finish the series. Has there been any movement in this area? Might you have time to revisit the characters and come up with a 2-3 page “wrap-up”? I’m sure I’m not the only fan who would DEEPLY appreciate it! Thanks for all the hours I’ve been able to enjoyin your paranormal,fantasy. and cat character worlds!

  • Hi, Jean. I’m starting to republish my reverted works in e-book this very fall. I’m glad to know you’ll be waiting for them.

    Cheers, Carole

  • Hi, Jean. I’m starting to republish my reverted works in e-book this very fall. I’m glad to know you’ll be waiting for them.

    Cheers, Carole

  • Congratulations, Lauren! Your message is very inspiring. I didn’t intend to stop the series, but, as you know, that’s not usually up to the author.
    I’m planning to republish all my reverted works in e-book and also trade paperback, then finish the series that were so rudely interrupted by factors outside of my intentions. You and other Taliswoman readers I’ve heard from over the years have amazing loyalty and I’d like to finish the sequence too. I wish you had been working in publishing years ago. 🙂 Good luck in your job search.

    Thanks for your super-support,


  • Jean:


    Will you please publish / release

    Six of Swords (Sword and Circlet Series) all 5 Titles
    in eBook format?

    ~ Nostalgia

  • Lauren:

    Carole – I just finished my master’s degree in publishing, and will shortly be searching for jobs in the industry. If I am ever fortunate enough to become an editor with any sort of “power,” I guarantee that I will be contacting you about publishing however many novels you may need to write to finish the Taliswoman series! I read Cup of Clay years ago, and although Seed Upon the Wind has been sitting on my bookshelf for some time, I somehow never got around to reading it until this week. Loved Cup of Clay yet again, and loved Seed Upon the Wind even more. Best of luck with all your projects – you are a marvelously talented writer!


  • Hi, Jenn!

    My most current books are out in e-book from my publishers, but I have reverted work in genres my current readers would never suspect: what I call the first (and last) post-feminist Gothic romance, also a “female swashbuckler” historical novel, and several mainstream women’s fiction novels. Also prime for e-book format is my shorter fiction, including very recent works related to my mystery and urban fantasy series. I’m so happy to hear you mention a mad fondness for the Sword and Circlet series. Knowing readers like you are still loyal is, as the TV ad says, priceless.

  • Jenn:

    Carol, I just looked at your latest replies(July, 2011)…and so glad that you may be looking into ebooks…woohoo!(I have a Nook myself, easy on hands with AS)…something to look forward to…It seems a lot of older books are starting to come into ebooks and finding new fans, you have 3 series that currently do well, and I think your Sword and Circlet series (again, I’m biased, I’ve read them over 40+ times in the time I had the complete set) would do so as well ;-D
    Fingers crossed

  • I sure would like to give you and others something to chase down. 🙂 I’m hoping to start mounting e-book versions of my novellas and short fiction this fall. Finding time to learn the process is hard, but once I’ve got that done I should be able to post novels. Of course, writing new novels takes a lot longer! Thanks for commenting, BobbyJean!

  • Thanks, DF. You started backwards! My title for that book was The Seventh Sword, but the publisher changed it. Yes, e-books are very possible.
    No, I’ve not read those stories. I’m glad to know about them. And even gladder to know you’ve treasured the series.

  • That’s a really great compliment, that you’d reread the series again and again. What I can say now is that it’s more possible than it has ever been that I can write the third book in the series. So hang on! The next couple years will be very interesting for me and publishing.

  • BobbyJean Smith:

    I must agree to disagree about leaving us hanging or unresolved questions. You left hanging the question of whether Alison’s birth control failed in Veil even as her dog had become unfixed and sired puppies. If nothing else as a previous commenter said do it as an ebook. I would definitely chase it down

  • DF:

    Dear Carole,

    Many thanks for the ‘Swords and Circlet’ books! I first read them many years ago (starting with Seven of Swords), and they have remained a fond favourite since. Is there any chance of ebooks? A new edition of Six of Swords would be very welcome (revised in light of where the later books went, particularly in the characterisations of Felabba).

    Incidentally, I’ve found George Martin’s ‘Dunk’ (Ser Duncan the Tall, from the ‘Dunk and Egg’ short stories) very reminiscent of Kendric the Sceptic. Have you read those stories?

    All the very best,

  • Kristine:

    I would like to read the conclusion of the Taliswoman books! I can understand that you have a busy schedule and other books to write. Yet, if you can find some time to write out an ending to the series it is worth publishing. I know I will purchase the book. Having a final book would give closure to me and other readers who enjoy the fantasy world of Veil.

    With a final book I can receive the sense of accomplishment alongside Allison as she concludes her journey to accomplish the quests. This story allows me to experience the connections and discoveries through the main characters perspectives. I can see being able to reread the series again and again.

  • Oh, dear Shelley,

    I hate to drive anyone crazy, especially loyal readers. I hope you all understand that much is beyond an author’s control. There were
    supposed to be two more “Probe” books too. At least the Midnight Louie alphabetical series is contracted up to book “X.” I’ll do my
    best to make you all happy eventually, because that would make me happy too.


  • Hi, Carolyn,

    Thanks for your faithfulness to this series! I heard a librarian say recently that it was in a way a precursor of the current type of urban fantasy
    so popular now. I’d really like to finish the series. The publishing world is changing drastically right now and I may very well be able to get back
    to Alison’s worlds, but I can’t promise when.

    If you sign up for my newsletter on the site, you can keep up with what I’m doing and may do. I’m glad to know what devoted readers like you want!


  • shelley:

    It is driving me crazy to not know what has happened to the Taliswomen when she got spit back into Minnesota in the middle of the winter… It as been what? 10 years? since I finished that book and I feel like I am hanging over a cliff!! What happens, does she find her way back to Veil? Do the rest of them get to the rookeries? Does the Talisman finish the 4 quests?

  • Carolyn:

    I too have been waiting forever for the end of the taliswoman series. I got the Cup of Clay at the library and loved it so much I ran to the book store to get Seed upon the Wind. I got on the list to get it as soon as it came out. I was so happy when I was called that it was in. It has now been a life time for me since that one has come out but I still think about it. I have my copies on my bookshelf waiting for the last book so I can reread them before starting on the 3rd. I had written to the publisher begging for them to hire you to finish it for 5 years. I have been checking your website every year, with fingers crossed, hoping to see it is in print. Put it as an ebook. I would buy it.
    Thank you
    To Much Left Unsaid.

  • Oh, Jenn, that is very possible, mostly. It’s up to me to learn or find some help in turning my reverted titles into e-books. So much to do, so little time! I’m working on it.

    Oh, yes, buying authors’ older titles they now own direct from the authors or on Kindle and other e-book sources will so much help to support us in our old age!

    Many authors have lost much of their income because, after years of being published, they can’t sell new books to publishers. You will see them selling short fiction direct off their websites too. Most readers don’t know that the author and publisher get no money from print books sold as used, that the reseller will make about four or five times on a paperback than the author ever saw. Or that authors other than major national bestsellers make less than fifty cents on the sale of a $7.99 paperback!

    So the revolution is already here and, were I not lucky enough to have two series still going, I’d be turning all those earlier books into a format where I will get from 35-70 percent of the price, as opposed to eight. And the author e-book prices for a novel will be lower, around $4.99. Authors find themselves in a quandary now, because if they tell readers not to buy used, they sound greedy. E-book piracy has everyone scared, so it’s wonderful to hear that one’s fans would like to buy the old books.

    And, yes, some authors are writing new stories in discontinued series worlds and new books and putting them out themselves as e-books. I have written many stories for anthologies that my readers may not know about and am hoping to get one on Kindle early this year! Once I learn the routine, I can do more.

    (It’s tough when the only teenagers in your house who ordinarily could help you master the new technologies don’t have opposable thumbs! Meow.)

  • Jenn:

    Oh, I too wish for The Taliswoman series to continue…and all of them to become available…you would see me purchase ALL of the Irissa/Kendric books, I had them all once…sadly I lent them out and now only have the “Heir of Rengarth” left…

  • Dear Forlorn,

    Think how I must feel! It’s always terribly painful to have to move on from a series, especially if it’s stopped at an obviously unfinished point. The good news is that authors can now self-publish in e-format. The bad news is that I still need to support my family and am lucky to have new work contracted for in the immediate future. I’m so relieved to foresee that I’ll be able to finish the 27-book Midnight Louie series, barring act of God! I’ve written Irene Adler short fiction I’d love to get in e-book format when I can. I always grabbed a chance to write her in shorter forms because I knew the series readers missed her. Taliswoman not only needs closure as a series and for readers, but for me as part of an “unfortunate event” to rival Lemony Snicket’s tales of woe.

    You are heard.



  • Pam:

    I agree with Needy. The Taliswoman needs closure – I’ve been waiting over a decade for the final book. Don’t you think such loyalty deserves rewarding? (I’m not getting any younger here). I was so happy when you returned to the Irene Adler story, but that pleasure has proven to be ephemeral. Please consider reviving both of these excellent series.


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