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NOW on PRE-ORDER, the AUDIOBOOK of CAT IN A YELLOW SPOTLIGHT, publishing OCTOBER 28, just before Midnight Louie’s Halloween birthday

NOW HERE, the 26th Midnight Louie mystery, CAT IN A YELLOW SPOTLIGHT, in trade paperback and ebook.

Final-Yellow-cover      Carole’s suspense story, “Don’t Breathe” from the CAST  OF CHARACTERS anthology is a free PDF. Don’t Breathe PDF.   “I just read Carole Nelson Douglas’s free PDF story, ‘Don’t Breathe,’ and I’m breathless. This novella is a textbook for super suspenseful fiction. It’s pitch-perfect. No wonder Carole has had a long and successful career. Don’t read it at night.”-Lou Allin, author of Memories Are Murder

Carole Nelson 13CarYellow-PSedDouglas is the author of 60 novels, including work in mystery/thriller, romance/women’s fiction, mainstream, high fantasy, urban fantasy, and science fiction genres. Her print and e-books can be found by clicking on these sites:

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ORDER ONLINE:  Irene Adler fans:  A novella, THE PRIVATE WIFE OF SHERLOCK HOLMES,” is available on Kindle, Nook and other e-reading devices.  Also available in e-book from Wishlist Publishing, two different takes on Dickens’ immortal Christmas classic, A CYBER CHRISTMAS CAROL and A WALL STREET CHRISTMAS CAROL. Look for a print edition of these this fall. For Delilah Street fans, the NEW story collection NEON NOIR, includes all five Delilah stories, some found in ONCE UPON A MIDNIGHT NOIR, featuring Midnight Louie AND Edgar Allan Poe, is available in ebook and print. MONSTER MASH about the tragic Lon Chaney family is a Delilah ebook novella. And Louie’s Past Life Adventure in ancient Egypt, where he becomes the first “private eye”, FRUIT OF THE TOMB, is in ebook also.

Her critically acclaimed series include:

Virtual Virgin-A Delilah Street Book

A Wall Street Christmas Carol


Cat in an Ultramarine Scheme

Now on sale

Cat in A Vegas Gold Vendetta

Louie’s 23rd adventure




Latest News

Carole with the Delilah Dump

Delilah’s Dump

GUEST OF HONOR, Caped CONduit 21 science fiction/fantasy convention, JUNE 27-29 downtown Radisson Hotel in Salt Lake City

NOMINEE and Recipient, RT BOOK Reviews magazine: Career Achievement award for Mystery
Best Amateur Sleuth award nominee for the Midnight Louie, PI, feline sleuth mysteryCAT in an ULTRAMARINE SCHEME at RT Booklovers convention, LA CA, April 6-10

GUEST OF HONOR, April 29-May-1, MALICE DOMESTIC mystery convention, Hyatt Hotel, Bethesda Maryland;  SUE GRAFTON Lifetime Guest of Honor

The Irene Adler suspense series (visit this site’s Adler page) praised in Elle‘s January 2010 issue rave review of the Robert Downey, Jr., Sherlock Holmes film!

About Carole and Midnight Louie, pp 76-77

NEW Delilah Street stories
Delilah Street on the case

Five noir urban fantasy stories featuring Celebrity Zombies like Cary Grant and the Invisible Man

Midnight Louie mystery
Midnight Louie mystery

Now in hardcover and eBook. In mass market paperback, July 1, 2014

Midnight Louie/Delilah Street
Once Upon A Midnight Noir fantasy mystery

Three mystery with a fantasy twist stories, NEW in print and e-Book!