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NEW! 28th and last Louie mystery
NEW! 28th and last Louie mystery

THE END IS HERE! Coming August 23 in trade paperback and eBook the 28th and last Midnight Louie feline PI mystery! There WILL be a wedding! Pre-order at Amazon and Apple!

Book Series

Carole Nelson Douglas is the author of the Delilah Street Urban Fantasy series, the Midnight Louie mystery series, and the Irene Adler historical mystery series.

Click on the series links below for more information:

Delilah Street, Paranormal Investigator

Midnight Louie, Feline Private Eye Extraordinaire

Irene Adler, featuring the only woman to outwit Sherlock Holmes


The Sword and Circlet high fantasy adventures featuring Irissa the Seeress and Kendric the Wrathman


The projected Taliswoman high fantasy trilogy

CUP OF CLAY . . . SEED UPON THE WIND (third novel never written due to editor abuse)

The Jane Doe/Kevin Black thrillers


21 Responses to “Book Series”

  • Hi, Pam, just wrote my first Irene Adler story in years! So there is hope. It’s in Murder Most Historical, a story anthology just published by the Malice Domestic mystery convention. Loyal readers like you don’t know what an inspiration you can be to authors. Taliswoman is my only obviously “stopped” series. Back then (despite having two surprise national bestselling fantasy novels and being soon headed for the NYT bestseller list), women writers weren’t really welcome in the sf/f world of the eighties. I was stopped in my tracks, and even women editors sought to push male writers as being more “prestigious” to their editing careers and even sometimes, via nepotism, to their pocketbooks. Even Midnight Louie was almost strangled in his cradle. By the wonder of indie publishing, I have rights to 38 of my older, and all of my new books going forward. I’m trying to move forward and redeem the past ASAP. That’s a lot of work ahead! Thanks for cheering me on.

  • Pam:

    I was so excited to read that you may finally finish the Taliswoman series that I ran to my bookshelf to make sure I still have the first two books – I do. Keeping books from an uncompleted series for 16 shows pretty fierce reader loyalty. I actually checked this site after pulling Goodnight, Mr. Holmes to read for the 4th time. If I remain just as loyal to the Irene Adler series, perhaps I’ll be rewarded with more books in that series too. Just please don’t make it another 16 years, as I might not be here to read them.

  • Hi, Sheila! I paid a few thousand dollars to the publisher to have the right to write the last book, so I sure hope so, God willing to give me world enough and time. I have finish some other work this year. Hopefully, can take a look at that in 2018. (It was horribly traumatic when I was forced not to finish the series at the time. It’s so good to know readers want me to. I’ll do my best!)

  • Sheila Willert:

    Hi, are you going to finish the Taliswoman series?

  • Hi, Joan! Yes, Cat in an Alphabet Endgame will be available in Kindle, Nook, and Kobo eBook and also print trade paperback and probably library-style bound hardcover.

  • joan o:

    when will Cat in an Alphabet Endgame come out in Kindle ebook?

  • Liesl, thanks for encouraging me to update the website books’ listings. Everyone, check out the three series pages for updates. Louie’s unopposable thumb can only do so many tasks around here, so I have to step in.

  • Liesl:

    Thanks! Looks like I do have them all.

  • Thanks for nagging (REMINDING) me. It’s hard to keep everything up, but I’ve got complete lists of my three main series on those pages now, and the older fantasies are listed at the top of the Book Series home page. Really, thank you all for REMINDING me what you’d like to see. I do it all myself and sometimes get behind on the technology updates. :))

  • Liesl:

    I notice the Sword and Circlet series isn’t listed here. (I know, it’s rather old.) Still, I liked it a lot and bought all of the books (I think) years ago. I’d love to see a list to make certain of it.

  • Dear Sanchia,

    I know some readers do not like ebook format. I don’t read ebooks except for nonfiction. There IS a trade paperback on Amazon.com. Not hardcover, although there may be a retro version for collectors. I’ll put everybody on here on my newsletter list, because I cover these distribution matters there. Louie and I do want you to know the outcome through Z and Cat in a Alphabet Endgame!

  • Sanchia:

    Hi, Carole,

    I’ve been following Midnight Louie’s adventures since “Catnap” and “Pussyfoot.” The newest mystery seems to be only available in e-book format (both Barnes & Noble and Amazon). Will a hardcover version (or paperback) be available for those of us who will NEVER read a book in e-format? If the printed versions of this series ended with “Cat in an Alien X-Ray,” then I’m afraid I’ll never know the outcome of Midnight Louie’s adventures.


  • Hi, Martha,

    Can’t have you on pins and needles!! CAT IN A YELLOW SPOTLIGHT is coming out Aug. 26, 2014. Check the home page of http://www.carolenelsondouglas.com for a cover image. I designed the cover myself! Less than two months to go!

  • Joan N.:

    Will Cat in a Yellow Spotlight be available for order on Amazon? I know they are giving some authors a hard time and not allowing their books to be pre-ordered.

  • Martha:

    When is the next ‘Midnight Louie’ book coming out? I have read the series through Cat in an Alien X-Ray, and that left things on ‘pins & needles’ for me. I love the series, so please make it soon.

  • Hi, Sharon,

    Cat in a White Tie and Tails came out in hardcover and ebook in August of 2013 and will be in mass market paperback July 1 of this year. Cat in a Yellow Spotlight is coming out in trade paperback and ebook Aug. 26 of 2014, with a cover I designed. 🙂 I’m so glad you want to keep up with Midnight Louie & Co. I’ll put you on my annual e-scribe newsletter coming in July-August so you know what’s coming when.

    Thanks for your support!

    Very best fishes,

    Carole and Louie

  • Sharon Metcalfe:

    Is there a “W” book in the Midnight Louie series?
    I have read all up through Vegas-Gold, and I am looking
    forward to the Alien X-Ray, and don’t want to miss a thing!

  • I need to get sixteen early Midnight Louie books reread by me, proofed, formatted and up in ebook. The ML Quarter also needs to be in print. I’m working on it as fast as I can, and ML 26, Cat in a Yellow Spotlight, will be out Aug. 26. THEN, I can reread and prepare the high fantasy series for ebook. I don’t have the print rights to any but the first two Sword and Circlets. So it’ll be about two years from now. I’m very glad readers are eager to have these books available!

    Thanks for asking,


  • What about the ‘Sword and Circlet’ series?

  • Thanks for commenting. I’m working on #6 now!

  • diane fabis:

    i really enjoy the Delilah Street series (all 5 books) are you planning on writing any more?


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