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NEW! 28th and last Louie mystery
NEW! 28th and last Louie mystery

THE END IS HERE! Coming August 23 in trade paperback and eBook the 28th and last Midnight Louie feline PI mystery! There WILL be a wedding! Pre-order at Amazon and Apple!

The Midnight Louie Mystery Series

BOOKS: Feline PI Midnight Louie first appeared in a romantic suspense quartet that was published in 1990 in two paperback editions, Crystal Days and Crystal Nights, with 40% of Midnight Louie’s chapters removed without author approval. Carole finally reclaimed rights with the help of sympathetic editor who had seen the unnecessary carnage and risen in the ranks to a powerful position. The quartet was reissued from 1999-2000 in restored library edition hardbacks from Five Star Books, where they were the bestselling titles. Not many were printed, so copies are rare and costly. Look for the quartet to come out in trade paperback and ebook in a couple of years. The “Cat and the Playing Cards” series order is:

The Cat and the King of Clubs . . . The Cat and the Queen of Hearts . . . The Cat and the Jill of Diamonds . . . The Cat and the Jack of Spades

Carole and Louie then moved on to the Midnight Louie mystery series, which will be 28 titles when completed. The C-to K titles are mostly out of print in paper, and not yet available in ebook, but will be in 2015. Here is that series in order.




Catnap dazzles and delights readers with its extraordinary sleuthing duo: Ms. Temple Barr, a 29-year-old Public Relations freelancer in Las Vegas, and the eighteen-pound jet-black tomcat called Midnight Louie who tells his own side of the story.

As Catnap begins, Temple is pursuing a cat in the exhibit hall at the Las Vegas ABA as fast as her spike heels will carry her–only to stumble over a dead publisher–and soon learns that the founder of Pennyroyal Press, a paperback house specializing in medical thrillers, had as many enemies as there are attendees at the ABA–and that’s 24,000.

But that’s not all.  Baker & Taylor’s corporate mascots, the genial short-eared cats known and Baker and Taylor, have been snatched from their ABA booth and must be found before they’re done in.  And first Temple needs to convince tall, stern, female lieutenant Molina of the Las Vegas Police that Temple herself is not up to no good.  The lieutenant has all too many questions about the disappearance of Mystifying Max, the handsome stage magician who vanished from Temple’s life six months ago.  Molina won’t believe that Temple knows nothing of his whereabouts . . .

What with Lieutenant Molina, Murder One and feline felony, it’s a wonder that Temple has time to notice the riveting Matt Devine, who’s just rented a condo from Temple’s landlady, in the circular building behind the Lover’s Knot Wedding chapel.  But she does. . .

Catnap is narrated in part by Midnight Louie, the sleuthing tomcat who led Temple to the corpse.  (You thought it was an accident?) Louie’s investigations are aided by his conversations with Ingram the bookstore cat and other felines, yet hampered by his resolve never to speak to humans.  But Midnight Louie is one hardboiled, hairy-chested big dude.  He always finds a way to bring the perpetrator to justice–and to enchant the reader!

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Midnight Louie is aprowl again–and the game is definitely afoot when petite public relations freelancer Temple Barr finds herself at a striptease convention, up to her spike heels in muscle-bound males, siliconed females…and murder.
As Temple tracks the killer, Midnight Louie pursues his own investigation. Now that fading film star Savannah Ashleigh and the Divine Yvette, her purebred Persian (and Louie’s platinum-haired lost love) are among the endangered, the tomcat sleuth will leave no rhinestone unturned to find the murderer…

Midnight Louie is aprowl again–and the game is definitely afoot when petite public relations freelancer Temple Barr finds herself at a striptease convention, up to her spike heels in muscle-bound males, siliconed females…and murder.

After a contestant is found hanging from her own G-string, the owner of a joke striptease business turns up dead.  Then two thugs assault Temple, looking for her ex-flame, a missing stage magician.  Implacable female police lieutenant C.R. Molina wants answers now, answers Temple doesn’t have.

Meanwhile, Temple’s relationship with handsome hotline counselor Matt Devine is heating up nicely, but he may hide secrets of his own .  .  .

As Temple tracks the killer, buzzing around Vegas in her aqua Storm car and stirring up suspects, Midnight Louie pursues his own investigation. Now that fading film star Savannah Ashleigh and the Devine Yvette, her purebred Persian and Louie’s platinum-haired lost love, are among the endangered, this tomcat sleuth will leave no rhinestone unturned to find the murderer .  .  .

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Blue-cover9Cat on a Blue Monday

Someone is stalking prize-winning purebreds at the annual Las Vegas Cat Show, and Midnight Louie is off on the prowl again.

As Louie, aided by a telepathic Birman cat named Karma, follows the scent of the killer, Temple is delving into the past of Matt Devine, the handsome young hotline counselor who’s captured her heart.

Soon Louie and Temple find themselves up to their tails in blackmail, extortion, and cold-blooded murder. Fans of foul play, feisty female detectives, and feline forensics are sure to find Cat on a Blue Monday just their saucer of milk.

Buy it now or write a review. Barnes & Noble Borders Books-A-Million Tor/Forge

crimson-hazeCat in a Crimson Haze

Midnight Louie, the best tomcat in the crime-solving business, and his human partner, petite redheaded publicist Temple Barr, are once again in the thick of things in the city of sin. The manager of the Crystal Phoenix, one of Las Vegas’ premier vacation spot, has hired Temple Barr to help clean up the hotel’s image, but soon more than the Phoenix’s reputation is in danger. The phoenix becomes prey to mysterious saboteurs whose little pranks just happen to keep endangering Temple’s life.

When Temple tangles with ex-priests, local police, FBI agents, obnoxious reporters, and a passel of semi-reformed mafiosi who wear pastel zoot suits, it’s up to Midnight Louie to get her out of knot . . . before it’s too late.

Buy it now or write a review. Barnes & Noble Borders Books-A-Million Tor/Forge

diamond-dazzleCat in a Diamond Dazzle

Midnight Louie is back!…along with the human black tomcat condescends to spend his days with: Temple Barr, a redheaded publicist whose love for expensive shoes is matched only be her affinity for trouble.

This time trouble shows up on her doorstep, in the form of a boyfriend previously gone missing . . . during a murder investigation. No fool she, Temple decides it’s time for a break. A romance writers’ convention–complete with a male-model Incredible Hunk pageant-sounds like just what the doctor ordered.

Unfortunately, a pair of dazzling Cinderella shoes goes missing, one of the would-be Fabios ends up dead, and Temple’s investigations into the matters get more complicated–and more dangerous–than she planned.

Luckily, there’s a smart and smart-mouthed cat prowling around.

Buy it now or write a review. Barnes & Noble Borders Books-A-Million Tor/Forge

emerald-eyeCat with an Emerald Eye

Our furry feline friend has dipped his paws into the muddy waters of murder once again–only this time, nothing is as it seems.

Temple Barr, a redheaded public relations expert and Louie’s human partner, won’t be trick-or-treating this Halloween Eve: Her landlady, the eccentric Electra, is dragging her to a seance intended to resurrect the spirit of Harry Houdini.

Midnight Louie scoffs, but when the seance ends abruptly with the murder of a famous psychic, his well-trained nose smells something fishy, and it’s not his dinner.

When Temple discovers that the dead man was a debunker of false psychic phenomena, making any other supposed psychic in the room a prime suspect, she knows there’s more to this case than meets the eye.

Buy it now or write a review. Barnes & Noble Borders Books-A-Million Tor/Forge

flamingo-fedoraCat in a Flamingo Fedora

That rough-and-tumble black tomcat Midnight Louie and his flame-haired human companion, Temple Barr, think shooting a cat food commercial will allow them to play hooky from mayhem.

But life is never easy for the vivacious pair, and Temple and Louie are center stage when beloved comic actor (and notorious ladies’ man) Darren Cooke is shot to death. Cooke had asked Temple to find out if a mysterious stalker was his unacknowledged daughter, and she is determined to find out the truth.

But the search for truth raised a dangerous question: Was this really a murder, or was Cooke a tortured funnyman who finally rang down his own curtain.

Buy it now or write a review. Barnes & Noble Borders Books-A-Million Tor/Forge

golden-garlandCat in a Golden Garland

That rough-and-tumble black tomcat Midnight Louie and his flame haired human companion Temple Barr are looking forward to a Christmas vacation spent in the Big Apple. But there’s more than merriment to be found in New York City–there’s a murder to be solved, and Louie’s’ on the move.

When an ad agency’s head honcho dons his traditional Santa suit for a company party, Midnight Louie scents a murderous trap, and soon someone has put jolly old St. Nick into permanent deep freeze. Meanwhile, Louie’s rival in romance is still trying to turn him into kitty litter, and Mystifying Max the Magician isn’t about to let the holidays pass with making a surprise proposal that leave Temple breathless.

Can one little kitty apprehend the perpetrator, play Cupid, and make everyone’s Christmas bright? If his name is Midnight Louie, anything is possible!

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hyacinth-huntCat on a Hyacinth Hunt

Back in Las Vegas after a holiday trip to the big apple, feline detective Midnight Louie witnesses death on the Nile when the battling Egyptian barges outside the Oasis hotel bring a dead body to the surface. The soggy victim is well known to Louie’s redheaded, high-heeled human companion, Temple Barr: her two best beaux are loosely related to the drowned man, and both have reasons to want him dead. Perhaps Temple can finally choose between handsome hotline counselor Matt Devine and the mysterious magician, Ma Kinsella–by finding out which of them is a killer.

And then there are the new girls in town: an inscrutable lady magician named Shangri-La, who may play a bigger role in this scenario than anyone might think; and her winsome Siamese familiar, who may solve Louie’s problems by giving him the key to her heart–or the key to solving the mystery.

Buy it now or write a review. Barnes & Noble Borders Books-A-Million Tor/Forge

indigo-moodCat in an Indigo Mood

“NINE LIVES WOULDN’T BE NEARLY ENOUGH FOR THIS DUDE. ” At the Blue Dahlia, where homicide detective Carmen Molina moonlights as a torch singer, she finds a dead woman lying next to her can in the parking lot.

The words “she left” are spray-painted nearby. Soon, a second anonymous woman is found dead in another parking lot across town. Is a serial killer at work?

Will the tough lieutenant have to resort to the despised help of amateur sleuth Temple Barr to crack the case? Maybe the wily police lieutenant has more devious plans in mind as the double murder case unfolds. Meanwhile Midnight Louie finds himself walking on the wild side when a glamorous feline client seeks his help in finding her missing boyfriend.

Buy it now or write a review. Barnes & Noble Borders Books-A-Million Tor/Forge

jeweled-jumpsuitCat in a Jeweled Jumpsuit

Midnight Louie, jet-black feline sleuth with an attitude, is on the prowl again–and this time to a rock’n’roll soundtrack.

Louie’s human partner, Temple Barr, learns that the remodeling of a local hotel is being held up by a ghost–and no ordinary ghost at that. In fact, the workmen swear it’s none other than that jumpsuit-wearing King of  Rock ‘n’ Roll, Elvis Presley.

The opening of Las Vegas’ first Elvis-themed attraction might explain this unscheduled appearance. But what of the death threats against the Priscilla Presley-esque daughter of Crawford Buchanan, Temple’s professional enemy? And who is the late-night caller to Temple’s former suitor, radio counselor Matt Devine, who sounds remarkably like the King of Rock ‘N Roll?

When a dead Elvis is found, the question is not only whodunit, and why, but who the dead man really is. Could the King himself have been hiding behind the guise of his own imitators, and is he really dead again, or for the first time . . . or not at all?

Buy it now or write a review.   Barnes & Noble Borders Books-A-Million Tor/Forge

kiwi-conCat in a Kiwi Con

Midnight Louie, the purring P.I., is a jet-black sleuth making his twelfth outing in Carole Nelson Douglas’ Cat in a Kiwi Con. While his human partner, public relations whiz Temple Barr, and her significant other, ex-magician Max Kinsella, are bespelled by murder most magical on a Las Vegas university campus, Louie has followed the lethal and lovely Siamese, Hyacinth, into the world’s largest science fiction and fantasy convention, TitaniCon.

They’re all there: Hercules and Xena, elves and aliens, captains and crew, and Godzillions of fans–both in costume and out. When a prominent player is killed, not only is the method of death perplexing, but the suspects in this case are a very unusual cast of thousands. Soon it becomes clear that none of the investigators are safe in an atmosphere that provides cover not only for an unknown murderer, but for an antagonist in an alien guise who is after the hides of each and every one of them.

Joining in the fantasy-in-progress may be their only hope.

Buy it now or write a review. Barnes & Noble Borders Books-A-Million Tor/Forge

leopard-spotCat in a Leopard Spot

Midnight Louie, that lovable and feisty feline sleuth returns once again to delight his legions of fans. This time, not only does Louie have to bail out his favorite investigative partner, public relations woman Temple Barr, but he has to save a fellow feline from a charge of Murder One.

All of Louie’s and Temple’s allies and enemies converge on the case when a big-game hunter is found dead with only a leopard for company. And the fun really begins when the unofficial investigators learn that the leopard is Osiris, a performing Big Cat who was kidnapped from his magician owner only days before the murder.

Add to the mix a woman who’s been surgically altered to resemble a Big Cat, a group of Las Vegas high-rollers who’ve been paying big bucks to illegally hunt big game at the victim’s ranch, and a cadre of ardent animal rights protesters secretly staking out the premises, determined to stop the illegal killing at any price, even their own lives .  .  .

Buy it now or write a review. Barnes & Noble Borders Books-A-Million IndieBound Tor/Forge

midnight-choirCat in a Midnight Choir

In Cat in a Midnight Choir, the fourteenth Midnight Louie Mystery, both feline and human evil-doers and crime-solvers work overtime to make Las Vegas the Capital of Noir Suspense. This time our feisty black cat detective is hunting a mysterious and possibly murderous organization of renegade magicians called the Synth, which has been making Las Vegas too hot to hold for some of Louie’s human friends, particularly ex-magician Max Kinsella. Louie’s on the case . . . but the trick may be on him this time.

And just to make things interesting, while Louie and his furred cohorts battle black magic, both human and not-so-human, Louie’s cherished roommate, plucky PR freelancer Temple Barr, is investigating the murderous side of the Synth despite the intense discouragement of female homicide lieutenant C. R. Molina. Molina herself is secretly moonlighting as an undercover operative to nail the killer of a sad, young stripper, and the search has boiled down to two suspects: Temple’s current significant other, Max Kinsella, and Molina’s long-gone ex-lover, Raf Nadir. Unfortunately, proving either man guilty will seriously impact the lives of Molina and her daughter, Mariah.

As Louie and his human friends sink deeper into a lose-lose situation of crime and punishment, there doesn’t seem to be any way out of this escalating crisis, except another murder.

Can Louie solve some nagging past mysteries, find out just what some mad magicians have in store and stop the stripper killer before he claims another victim? And what will Louie do if he finds that the killer is someone Louie knows . . . and likes?

Buy it now or write a review. Barnes & Noble Borders Books-A-Million IndieBound Tor/Forge

neon-nightmareCat in a Neon Nightmare

Cat in a Neon Nightmare is the fifteenth Midnight Louie mystery, and this tough-talking tomcat is as feisty as ever, raising hell (sometimes literally) in Las Vegas, America’s Sin Capital.

The lavish hotels and the sham of wholesome fun may soothe the tourists, but sex and greed still fuel this town, and bad guys still abound. And Midnight Louie, the feline Sam Spade has his paws full keeping those he loves safe.

This time Midnight Louie treads the lurid side of mystery’s mean streets when a call girl named Vassar is found lying dead on the neon ceiling above a Las Vegas casino. Suicide or homicide? If straight-arrow radio shrink Matt Devine, the man most likely to have been Vassar’s unlikely last client, is charged for Vassar’s murder, everyone Louie knows is an accessory to the crime . . . except for his ever-loving roommate, PR whiz Temple Barr, who has been kept in the dark by both friends and enemies.

To save Matt’s future, Temple will have to crack the cover-up with the unsuspected help of Midnight Investigations, Inc. , now including a junior partner: Louie’s maybe-daughter, Midnight Louise. Meanwhile, a hot new club in town, Neon Nightmare, has links to the mysterious Synth, a sinister association of magicians that may lie behind the string of unsolved deaths that have haunted Louie Company for months.

And with the psychotic stalker, Kitty the Cutter, still prowling, death is definitely in the cards for someone Temple knows very well, and not even Louie may be able to stop it.

Buy it now or write a review. Barnes & Noble Borders Books-A-Million IndieBound Tor/Forge

orange-twistCat in an Orange Twist

Temple Barr is a sharp and sassy public relations ace in Las Vegas whose life is finally taking a turn for the better. Hard-nosed homicide lieutenant Carmen Molina is too busy chasing after her own ex-lover, rogue L.A. Cop Rafi Nadir, to pursue Temple’s boyfriend, sexy magician Max Kinsella, and nobody Temple knows has been murdered . . . at least, not in the past few weeks.

Temple takes this downtime as a signal she should buy a new pair of Jimmy Choo spike heels and accept the job of planning a glitzy week of opening events for a trendy new furniture show room.  Dealing with temperamental decor mavens is no problem for a woman who’s saved leopards from big game hunters, tracked killers through strip clubs, calmed the cantankerous owners of Las Vegas’ most glamorous hotel, and seen the ghost of Elvis–until the life of feng shui expert and media-crowned domestic dominatrix Amelia Wong is threatened.  Suddenly, Temple is neck deep in trouble. . . and bodies.

And Temple has one more problem–one she doesn’t even know about: her roommate, Louie, and his maybe-daughter Louise, have decided to make sure that Temple’s search for a killer furniture arrangement doesn’t mean curtains for her. Midnight Inc. Investigations, their PI firm, is on the case. The catch?

Louie is Temple’s cat.         Buy it now or write a review. Barnes & Noble Borders Books-A-Million IndieBound Tor/Forge

pink-pursuitCat in a Hot Pink Pursuit

What’s a Girl to do when she’s forced to be, well, a girl?

That’s what’s hot shot freelance PR woman and amateur detective Temple Barr has to do when as a favor to top cop Carmen Molina she goes undercover at Teen Queen, the newest pop star-search reality TV show, all in the hopes of protecting Molina’s 13-year old daughter.

It’s no picnic trying to be a teenager again, even after a punk makeover. To make matters worse, Temple’s in danger of being uncovered by the show’s celebrity judges, including her romance novelist aunt and her arch-enemy, Crawford Buchanan. And just to make life more interesting there are her fellow contestants, unnatural blondes aplenty who are all too willing to sabotage and back-stab their way to the top.

Unfortunately, someone has a real knife out for Las Vegas’ young women, and it’s up to Temple and her underfoot undercover partner, Midnight Louie, to ferret out the killer.

Buy it now or write a review. Barnes & Noble Borders Books-A-Million IndieBound Tor/Forge

quicksilver-caperCat in a Quicksilver Caper

Midnight Louie, alley cat extraordinaire and Las Vegas’ hairiest hard-boiled PI, finds himself literally walking a tightrope when a fabulous museum opening at one of Sin City’s swankiest casinos is marred by a little thing like death.

Louie’s loyal roommate, feisty PR freelancer Temple Barr, has snagged the commission of her career: repping the opening exhibition of the Russian czars’ priceless treasures at the New Millennium Hotel, the apex of which is the Czar Alexander scepter, a priceless jewel-encrusted artifact.

Trouble is, the hotel has booked an aerial magic act right above the exhibition.

Temple works at a breakneck pace to coordinate this logistical nightmare.  Tragedy ensues when a performer dies right above where the collection will be displayed, and the police threaten to shut everything down.  But the word “no” isn’t one heard often in Las Vegas where money is involved and the show (or shows) must go on.  Just as things seem to be working perfectly, another performer dies. . . and the scepter vanishes.  The culprits could be international art thieves, Russian Mafia, or Chechen rebels out to embarrass the current Russian government.

Or could it be someone else, perhaps someone Temple knows all too well. . .

Buy it now or write a review. Barnes & Noble Borders Books-A-Million IndieBound Tor/Forge

red-hot-rageCat in a Red Hot Rage

Temple Barr and Midnight Louie are up to their tails in froufrou, chapeaux, and murder when the Red Hat Sisterhood convention hits Las Vegas.  Electra Lark, Temple’s spirited sixty-something landlady–and a member of the local Red Hat chapter–drags the petite spinmeister to the convention, in the hopes of helping Temple forget about her complicated love life.

Electra is accused of murder after a woman is found strangled with an official Red Hat Sisterhood purple scarf.  She begs amateur sleuth Temple to find the real killer by posing as a pink-hatter, an under-fifty member.

Midnight Louie and his partner in Midnight Investigations, Inc., his maybe-daughter Midnight Louise, join in the hunt. They find old friends at the Crystal Phoenix, including C-movie actress Savannah Ashleigh and her Persian cats, Solange and her sister, Louie’s ex-love, the Divine Yvette.

As Temple and Louie dig through the red feather boas and purple hats and shopping bags packed with official Red Hat merchandise, it becomes clear that a whole lot of folks want to cash in on the red hot rage of female empowerment that is the Red Hat Sisterhood.  And that at least one is willing to kill for success.

Buy it now or write a review. Barnes & Noble Borders Books-A-Million IndieBound Tor/Forge

sapphire-slipperCat in a Sapphire Slipper

Las Vegas PR honcho Temple Barr’s beloved aunt Kit, romance novelist and hopeless romantic, wants to make sure her niece is on the right road to true love.  But she winds up in a real romance of her own when she snags one of the most eligible bachelors on the Strip.  Kit has fallen for one of the Fontana brothers, a silver-tongued reputed ex-mobster with a heart of gold.

And so there is to be a wedding–and a Las Vegas wedding at that!

But Vegas’ glitz and glamour can conceal danger and darkness, and the Fontana-heavy bachelor party is, alas, no exception.  The entire party is hijacked and taken to a remote desert ranch where the women are wild and the sex is legal.

Ill at ease among the raunch is Temple’s own Matt Devine, an ex-priest turned talk-show host and Temple’s secret fiance. Before Matt and the Fontanas can make their way back to the Strip, Matt unhappily stumbles upon a beautiful young woman who is quite naked and most thoroughly dead.

Given the remoteness of the location and the Fontanas’ shady reputation, this is a very bad thing indeed.  Luckily, Louie managed to go along for the ride. It’s up to that big old tomcat to bail out his humans and save the day.

Buy it now or write a review. Barnes & Noble Borders Books-A-Million IndieBound Tor/Forge

topaz-tangoCat in a Topaz Tango

Temple Barr and Matt Devine make a cozy engaged couple, and the feisty redhead is all for her handsome radio host fiance staring in a week-long televised Las Vegas charity event, “Dancing with the Celebs.” But while ex-priest Matt struggles to master the sexy moves of the tango, a killer stalks the dance floor. Not only is Matt in danger, but so is the lovely tween Mariah, daughter of homicide cop C. R. Molina, who is dancing in the Junior Division of the show.

And so Temple gets dragooned into resurrecting her kicky teen persona, Zoe Chloe Ozone, now an Internet hottie, to ensure Matt and Mariah don’t foxtrot into a fatal misstep.

Where is Louie in all this? Well, he’s out and about, proving that he’s still the cat’s meow. But he’s got his paws full as he tries to keep all the various players in his little troupe from dancing right into death’s arms . . .

Buy it now or write a review. Barnes & Noble Borders Books-A-Million IndieBound Tor/Forge

155 Responses to “Midnight Louie”

  • Hi, Marty,

    I’m so glad you’re doing a “Catmas” letter. There is a library edition of Cat in a Yellow Spotlight available from suppliers Ingram and Baker & Taylor. But the local bookstore may not be able to do a single order for you. You can ask. I’m glad you will navigate for the print book at Amazon.com. It may show up at barnesandnoble.com later, as my “Once Upon a Midnight Noir” short story collection trade paperback did. Fear not. Louie withdrawal is NOT allowed for me. His Catness has decreed a new set of adventures following Z and Cat in an Alphabet Endgame. It’s not going to be possible to go Louie-less for any of us! 🙂

  • It doesn’t show up until pub date, Aug. 26 or a few days later on online bookseller sites, but it was there by the end of the month in ebook and print trade paperback.

    Thanks for asking!

  • Hi again,

    The book didn’t release until Aug. 26-29, but the print trade paperback is on Amazon. The book you’re seeing on barnesandnoble.com may be the audio version, coming Oct. 28. Amazon suddenly allowed ebooks to be “pre-ordered” Aug. 16, so that’s why you saw the ebook. That did not apply to the paperback version, which didn’t show up as available until publication date, which was Aug. 26.

  • Dear Martha,

    Thanks for your comments and wishes. Louie will go on after the alphabet series ends with Cat in an Alphabet Endgame after “Z” next year. He would just be furious to leave you all if I didn’t keep on. 🙂 We are anxious to see how it ends too. 🙂

  • Hi, David,

    I love the concept of Global Whimsey!! It’s wonderful you read aloud Victoria. That’s an art form. (It’s also the way we writers sometimes search for typos, because you spot them better when you read aloud. I hope you don’t spot too many!) I would love to read my books aloud for recording, but am glad they’re coming out in professional audio from White Tie and Tails on. Perhaps I’ll record the short stories some day. So SORRY your wonderful cats succumbed to that tainted food! We lost our first dog to poisoning and it is so traumatic. We HOPE a squirrel brought some very old poison from a house that was being reconstructed to our yard. That someone would do that is too awful. Our indoor feral, Audrey (trapped, neutered and NOT returned outdoors) was befriended by Midnight Louie, Jr. When he died she was going through the house calling for him, so we got a Humane Society black kitten to be her baby. She took one look, hissed at him, and disappeared into the back of the house. Then, when Midnight Louie III was about seven months old, we started wondering where he was . . . and he was with Audrey. She has come out with him and is letting us closer than before. So I’m glad Smokey had such good years with you!! Thanks for your wishes and we send VERY Best Fishes, to you!

  • Thanks, Kim, for sticking with us for all this time! Well, I need to update the website, but we only have so many hands and paws here, and writing takes quite a bit of our time. 🙂 I’m glad Midnight Louie is making you a midnight rambler and reader too!

  • Hi, Yvonne,

    I’m so glad you found Alien X-Ray, which is so far along in the series, and went back to the beginning! Yes, Cat in a Yellow spot is available now for Nook, Kindle and Kobo and in a trade paperback edition on Amazon.com and in some libraries and bookstores, but you may have to ask libraries and bookstores to order it from Ingram. I’ve heard from many readers dreading “the ending.” But Louie was introduced in a four-book series before the alphabet books began, so he’ll simply reinvent himself again. I have some fun ideas in mind. I’m so glad he got you started reading!!

  • Thanks for writing, Jan.

    Yes, the “Circle Ritz” is modeled on a condo in Corpus. But I know you had fun looking for it around Vegas. Very Best Fishes back!

  • Dear Ginny,

    Cat in an Alphabet Endgame will follow Cat in a Zebra Zoot Suit. Then Louie and the gang will be off on new adventures. Thanks for your title suggestions! Clever idea!

  • Deneen Cianciolo:

    Avid reader.. When is the next Midnight Louie Mystery Coming Out ?

  • Marty Holden:

    Louie and Carole,
    Love the series. In fact, I am a “collector”. Louie has also “inspired” our cat to take up writing the Catsmas letter! However, as a supporter of local business, I am disappointed in being unable to order the latest book through my favorite local, independent bookstore. I am totally hooked on Louie’s adventures, and will navigate ordering on line, but I “purrfur” the old fashion way. Louie, you had me at Catnip and Pussy foot, I am dreading going through Louie withdrawal when the last book comes out. Marty Holden

  • Why can’t I find your 26th Midnight Louie (Cat in a yellow spotlight?) Isn’t suppose to be out in August?

  • I found Cat…Yellow Spotlight finially on Amazon 8-18-14 only in nook book not in hard/paper It’s not listed at Barnes and Noble at all. Please tell me after reading/buying 25 paperback books your not switching to only nook for the end of the series.???

  • Hi, Ginny,

    That’s a terrific idea for a new Louie series title sequence. Thanks! There is a final book in the current series after Z, Cat in an Alphabet Endgame. Cat in a Yellow Spot will be available Aug. 26th! I’m glad you have understanding kitties who let you escape into Louie’s books and world!

  • Martha Pence:

    You just have to love Louie.

    This is such a wonderful series and, although I am anxious to see how it ends, I will be sad to see it go. We all want Louie to be happy with whatever happens.

    Thanks Carole for such a delightful series. Marti

  • Kim Czajkowski:

    Hi. I met you at a Cat Show in the early 90’s in Dallas, TX. I had found my 1st book Cat on a Blue Monday at Books a Million in the Dallas area and was hooked I love zany stories and Louie’s snarky attitude was purrfect! I believe I purchased the books I was missing from you and you personalized them for me, problem was I wanted to share and now they are gone. Hopefully others will have enjoyed them as I have done. I have watched the website grow and change along with the books and covers and wanted to let you know that I still look foreword to picking up every Midnight Louie book as it comes out. GREAT JOB!! Thanks for keeping up at night!!!

    Kim Czajkowski
    Oklahoma City
    formerly of Coonunnski Mainecoons

  • I just got your book CAT IN AN ALIEN X-RAY I have the whole series I love it, in the other books they have the name of the next book. In X-ray you don’t mention one at the end. Is there going to be a “Y and Z book????? This series is what got me to start reading, I really hope you will finish the alhpa and then come up with a new idea for more Midnight Louie & friends series hate to see it end!!

  • Dear Carole,

    Thanks for your major contribution to GLOBAL WHIMSEY!!! Your Midnight Louie series is Absolutely Medicinal for Cat Lovers everywhere! I have read all extant of the series to my disabled wife, plus everything else that you have ever written (Irene A…YOU GO GIRL!!!). (We disconnected the TV in 2003 and have never looked back!)

    Our recently passed (and SO SORELY MISSED!) 18 1/2 year old Lilac Point Siamese “Smokey” never missed an episode of Louie, by the way. He would probably still be here listening to ML in this plane if not for the Horrid Catfood poisoning of the gluten petfood additives from China…kidney poisoning took his mate, Shadow, whose start as a starvling, abandoned black kitten adopted by a tenderhearted taxi driver one Midnight in a Carolina city, left her with less health to resist the poisonous onslaught of her food (and it was a GOOD BRAND…SUPPOSEDLY (IAMS) than the papered purebread Smokey, and what Wonderful, Athletic Kittens they parented! Still talked about by the folks who adopted them back there! So Shadow died a year later died and he survived, but led a lonely life, as he spent the first 12 years of his life as our son’s cat, but then was brought down to our home one summer for 2-3 months while our son did some improvement work on our house.

    By the end of the Summer, Smokey had “ADOPTED” me and actually hid away when he saw our son packing up to go back to Ventura…so he became our Beloved Companion for over 6 more years, with the Blessings of our son, who saw how Smokey had been hurting and missing Shadow.

    Apologies for longwinded note, but you are a Really Special Person and a couple of old Texans appreciate your Gift!

    Much Love and Prayers for You and Yours!

    David and Victoria

  • Love the books. Have enjoyed going to Las Vegas to find your inspirations only to discover Circle Ritz is from my hometown, Corpus.

    Can’t wait until the next one.

    Best fishes to you and Louie from a fella Texan.

  • Ginny Schalm:

    Dear Carole
    I love the Midnight Louie books and don’t want them to stop after the Z-book hits the bookshelves. Here is an idea that you start in on numbers i.e.: Cat in a Once Upon a Crime, Cat in a Two for a Murder, Cat in a Three Penny Operation, Cat in a Four Leaf Cloak, Cat in a Five Star Hotel etc.
    I tell my kitties that I am reading ‘Louie book’ and then get buried in it…..
    Good Luck
    Ginny Schalm

  • Hi, Mary,

    I’m always delighted to hear from people who’ve found the Talking Book versions. Every publishing contract commits the writer and publisher to making the book available at no cost to this great project and I’ve heard from many readers/auditors over the years who get the books this way, and I hear the readers do a great job. I’d like to record myself reading my own books eventually. My college major was theater. I hope I get Louie’s nine lives!

  • Hi, Marla,

    It’s good to hear a new reader is coming aboard with Louie’s “X” book! OMGosh!! Yes, of course that’s wrong. What a glaring error! Sometimes the writer and the editor read right over an obvious error because they’re looking so hard at the big picture, but the copy editor should have caught this. Sadly, I don’t know if the publisher can fix this error in the eBook or not. Thanks for drawing it to my attention. I’ll try.

  • Hi, Geraldine,

    Thanks for relaying the story of how you found the third ML book in China! Louie and I are impressed. Thanks for conveying your enjoyment of Alien X-Ray.
    Temple’s mother was finally introduced on a long-distance phone call in this book. It’s Matt’s mother who’s active in the latest book. Maybe you mean her, but I’m not sure which scene you’re referring to.

  • Mary Ward:

    I have been reading all the books, though out of order. This message is for Pam, the books are all out on Talking Book. If she doesn’t know what that is and is visually impaired, she should look up the Library of Congress and go to the Talking Book program. Thank you for letting the library make them available to blind and physically handicapped people!

  • Sandra Rostocil:

    We love cats, and my husband surprised me with 8 Midnight Louie books for my birthday. I fell in love with your writing and with Midnight Louie, and I look forward to getting of the books. Thank you for such delightful books. Sandy

  • Marla:


    I love the Midnight Louie series. I’ve just started reading Cat in an Alien X-Ray. At the beginning of chapter 3 you mention Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony in conjunction with a booming cannon. Beethoven’s Fifth doesn’t have a cannon. Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture is the piece with cannons. I realize it’s a small, inconsequential detail but as a lover of both a good mystery and classical music, I felt the need to set the record straight. Looking forward to finishing the book.

  • Geraldine Pragnell:

    Just finished my long awaited copy of “Alien X-Ray” and still enjoying the cast of delightful characters and villains, even the reincarnations. Discovered “Blue Monday” when teaching in China many years ago and reading anything I could find in English. It was the start of years of expectant waiting for the next book.
    One point grated; Temple’s mother had not long ago met Matt and Aldo introduced as Temple and Kit’s fiancés. Why suddenly doesn’t she know anything about them? Where was the continuity girl?

  • Hi, Pam,

    Thanks for posting the good news about the latest review for Midnight Louie’s latest novel! For my readers who don’t know, Affaire de Coeur is a long-established magazine that covers the popular and romance fiction field and reviews books. Check out their site!


    Carole and Louie

  • Pam:

    Affaire de Coeur magazine has reviewed Cat in an Alien X-Ray. You can be found three places on our web site, on the author list page,the New Reviews page, and our Books and Reviews from the Booty page.
    Thank you for writing great stories!

  • Dori, your praise has made Louie go into an overdose of purrs! Hmm, so many possibilities. There may be a daughter lurking out there, you’re right. Midnight Louie intends to romp right on after Book Z, although the human characters will have some closure. Even he is not sure who will end up with whom! You’ve nailed the timeline trick! I compare to those 1940s movies where people were walking on a treadmill and the scenery was whipping past behind them. Las Vegas changes so much every year, it has to be that way. And, of course, Louie can’t age past the single digit years.

    Thanks for your support!

  • Hi, Pam,

    I’m working around the clock to do just that. I’m retitling the first two books that are out of alphabet format. Catnap will be Cat in an Alphabet Soup and Pussyfoot will be Cat in an Aqua Storm. (I’ll show the original titles on the covers) I hope to have the early books through Cat in an Emerald Eye out in eBook in November, maybe more. That’s a lot of scanning and proofreading and formatting . . . !

    Thanks for contacting me. I’ll put you on my annual newsletter list so you and your mother-in-law can keep up with what’s new. I’m hoping to get them all in audio book, but that may be much longer. Thanks for your support! Hang on! The new Louie is coming August 6: Cat in an Alien X-Ray.

  • Dori Morrill:

    I love these books. They are the best books out. So, am I picking up that Kitty the Cutter or one of the evil ladies may be Max’s daughter or she may be somewhere? Revienne means return, so is the blonde fake? I still want Max to be Temple’s guy. I like the way time passes, a year being a week, so the characters aren’t old. (Especially keeping in mind cats’ lifespans).

  • Pam:

    I hope that someday soon you will have your older midnight Louie books from catnap to kiwi-con out in eBooks. I have read all of the ones after kiwi-con and I just loved them but i would love to read the older ones also and being visual handicapped i still can read them when they are in eBook format. I bought a copy of these for my mother-in-law (who love and owns several wonderful cats) and she is waiting for the for the newest one to be released. Thank you for your wonderful stories and I hope you will consider eBooks for other titles.

  • Good to have you aboard from the get-go, Brett! Well, your mathematics on Santiago are far more logical than mine were. The real Big Secret is
    that series started in 1992 but has not covered more than a couple of years in the protagonists’ lives. So it is entirely possible that Santiago
    performed some sort of time jump to get a jump on his web design competitors. Thanks for pointing that out. I can’t adjust that because I don’t
    own eBook rights to that book and therefore don’t have access.


    Carole and Louie (who says he noticed that all along but who listens to him?)

  • Hi, Sherrill,

    Thanks for stopping by! I’m very pleased that such a long-time Las Vegas resident is at home in the Midnight Louie novels. It is his kind of town! Louie has told me he has plans beyond “Z,” but he hasn’t told me exactly what. I’m always the last to know. 🙂 Midnight Micetro does sound like a Louie
    relative. Spunk does not shrink with age, particularly in females.

    Very Best Fishes,

    Carole and Louie

  • Brett Bydairk:

    I have been reading the Midnight Louie books since the beginning, but only now realized the series is set slightly in the future. How do I know this? In Ultramarine Scheme (which I just started), Temple is researching Santiago, and finds that, before he was 20 he had started a Web design service, and is now about 50. Since the Web wasn’t a reality until 1993, 30 years on would place the timeline for that book in about 2023, if Santiago jumped on the bandwagon when the Web was just starting.
    I thoroughly enjoy Louie and Temple’s adventures, and hope to enjoy them for many more years.

  • Sherrill Denley:

    Ms. Nelson-Douglas–I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy Midnight Louie and his “Vegas” stories. I have been a resident of Las Vegas since 1961 so I feel as if I am an insider when I am reading your novels. I am hoping you will not stop at Z and will continue to update us readers on Louie’s misadventures from time to time. I have an elderly but spunky female black cat named Micetro but since I discovered Midnight Louie, I call her Midnight Micetro–she is smart enough to be a distant relative. Fondest regards, Sherrill Denley

  • I saw that news story too, and it happened in my adopted state of Texas, where they really do larger-than-life things, for good or ill. Given the six-inch steel spike heels on currently fashionable shoes, no wonder they became a weapon of deadly force. Temple has armed herself with a spike heel when in danger, but hers never passthe three-inch height. Todays’ heels with their ultra-high platform soles are reminiscent of Asian foot-binding. Temple may be height-challenged, but she’s too liberated to actually handicap herself.

  • Hi, Joyce,

    It’s not over until it’s over . . . and then it won’t be over, because Midnight Louie will be continuing on to a new series of adventures. I doubt Louie will stand for no resolution of this issue by book Z, though. Surprises coming.

  • Its good that Temple Barr’s love of high high heals is about fashion and being vertically impaired. A not so good use of heels. This Latino lady is accused of killing her boyfriend with a stilleto heel. Ouch!


  • Joyce:

    I have really been enjoying this series, and have the latest (Cat in a White Tie and Tails) ready and waiting to read. Just wish Temple would stop “settling” for Matt when Max is back… don’t think it will be happening in this book, hoping she’ll come to her senses in “Cat in an Alien X-Ray” Do I dare hope?

  • Hi, Ken,

    Thanks for alerting everybody to the new Midnight Louie book! The libraries can indeed use help on getting and keeping books in stock. And, the ML books are also available at libraries in large-print editions!


    Carole and Louie

  • Hi, Barb,

    The questions continue, but many are being solved. Cat in a White Tie and Tails comes out in paperback July 4 and Cat in an Alien X-Ray comes out in hardcover Aug. 6, so those books will clear up some abiding mysteries. The next will be Cat in a Yellow Fever!

    Thanks for your comments. We’re glad you love the series! There will be more Louie books after “Z.”

    Very Best Fishes,

    Carole and Louie

  • Ken Green:

    A quick note to other fans of the Midnight Louie series, with two pieces of information:

    1) Amazon.com is taking pre-orders for “Cat in an Alien X-Ray: A Midnight Louie Mystery”, the next book in the series.

    After I receive and read it, I plan to

    2) Donate it to my local Library System (in my case, the Harris County Public Library system).

    Many of the library systems around this great country of ours have had their budgets reduced, thus preventing them from ordering the most popular books in a timely manner, so I encourage everyone to a) buy the book and read it, then b) donate it to your local library system so others can read it too.

    Ken Green,
    Houston, TX

  • Barb Coffman:

    I just finished Cat on a Vegas Gold Vendetta and loved it, but had a lot of questions when I finished. Who was that person who followed the limo on the Vampire motorcycle? I suppose you will take that up in the next book. I suspect Kitty the Cutter is behind it somehow. I hope Max recovers his memories. I love this series and I love your style of writing. Thanks for many hours of pleasurable reading!

  • Hi, Pat,

    As I emailed you, Cat in a White Tie and Tails is available now in hardcover, and will be in paperback July 2, 2013, followed by the hardcover of Cat in an Alien X-Ray coming August 6! Thanks for asking. I need to update me website, but have started that recently.

    Very Best Fishes,

    Carole and Louie

  • Pat Guziekla:

    I love your Midnight Louie Series and have read up to Cat on a Vegas Gold Vendetta.I am very much looking forward to the next book. Any hint as to when that night come out???

  • This is a blog that has a lot of big purrs for the Midnight Louie series. I’m not sure if everyone can follow the URL to the site.


  • […] wandering g through the mystery section my eye was naturally caught by the inner shelf display of Cat in a Jeweled Jumpsuit from Carol Nelson Douglas’ Midnight Louie series. I voraciously read every book I could get my […]

  • […] series has been going strong for over a decade. Other well known contributions to the genre include Carole Nelson Douglas’ Midnight Louie series and Lilian Jackson Browne’s Cat Who series starring Siamese cats KoKo and Yum […]

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