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  • Thanks, Wendy, for posting. Three of the Louie books are on audio: Hyacinth Hunt, Indigo Mood and Jeweled Jumpsuit. I’m a theater major and have plans to read my books on audio. It’ll take a while to get that done, and I’ll probably start with the short stories. Just follow the entries under my name on online bookseller sites to see the latest books etc. that are available. Thanks for the encouragement!

  • Wendy:


    A good friend recommended the Midnight Louie series. I commute everyday to NYC and rely on audiobooks to retain my sanity during
    this process. Is there a reason none of yours are on audio? There
    are so many excellent readers out there who would do your stories
    justice. My two cents.

    Thank you for reading,

  • Hi, Dottie,

    Yes, people have been wondering about Louie’s first quartet getting back into print. I’m planning on it!! In both trade paperback and e-book format now that it’s economically possible for authors to do that. I’m also considering getting the original versions that were cut so much by the romance editor out in my original form. That would be a bit sexier version than the one I rescued for reprint in the early 2000s for my mystery readers. Those library hardcover editions are out of print and quite pricey if you can find them. This reissuing will take me a while, so please be patient. But they’re coming!

  • Hi Carole,

    Don’t know if anyone has ever asked you this before…. but,
    is there any chance that you would ever reissue the 4 ‘Louie’books:
    King of Clubs, Queen of Hearts, Jill of Diamonds, and Jack of Spades in mass market paperbacks. I would love to read Louie’s first books. Have read all of his except the last 5. Your books are hard to find at the used book stores in town (and that’s where I have to buy them to get them at a price I can afford). I will keep on looking for the last 5 thought!!! :~)
    Was just wondering about Louie’s first books.
    Thanks for listening. Keep up the great writing you do!!! Love your work!!! :~)

    TTFN, Dottie

  • Thanks for mentioning Probe, Shirley! It’s one of my favorites. And there was a sequel, Counterprobe. And I had two more books in mind. Look for ebook versions of the first two in the next year or so!

  • Shirley:

    Hello Carole,
    I’ve read “Probe” like years ago and I still like it. I know it may not be one of your most known books out there but for science fiction, I’m glad I read it. Keep it up!

  • Hi, Needy,

    My blog page is being a bit strange, so I have to answer your comment before I post it! Anything is more possible than it ever was, thanks to e-books. This means that authors’ can market their books direct to readers. And if the readers don’t like ebooks, a print trade paperback can be made. So . . . I’d love to get all the books you mention back in “print” or “ebook.” And if the time is granted to me, I’d love to finish the series I had to stop because of reasons beyond my control. So it’s good to hear what you’re hoping to see more of. :) Thanks for writing!

  • Hi, Diana,

    Thanks for your very descriptive comments on the series! Thanks for telling me what you’re looking forward to. Yes, it’s hard getting older books, BUT . . . now it’s possible to revive them in ebook form. I know many readers want real books, but authors can convert e-book files to print trade paperbacks. I’m just learning the process. I’m glad you persisted in finding the copies, and you’re right that the tattoo needs to be explained. I’m getting the Irene Adler novellas into e-book so I can collect them in a print anthology. It’s more possible than ever now that there will be new stories. Thanks for you wonderful words!

  • Hi, Lisa,

    I thought I answered this message earlier, but my website blog was behaving strangely. Your suggestion has been registered. :) Thanks
    for taking the time to express it.

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