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NEW! 28th and last Louie mystery
NEW! 28th and last Louie mystery

THE END IS HERE! Coming August 23 in trade paperback and eBook the 28th and last Midnight Louie feline PI mystery! There WILL be a wedding! Pre-order at Amazon and Apple!

First Blog Readers

69 Responses to “First Blog Readers”

  • Hi, Margaret,
    I’m now self-publishing. The Yellow trade paperback didn’t show up on bookselling sites like Amazon because that’s wasn’t allowed. Cat in a Zebra Zoot Suit is in trade paperback and will “show up” only on Aug. 25, its publication date. I’m hoping to get both Yellow and Zebra out in hardcover before years’ end. Barnes & Noble gets the print versions a few weeks later than Amazon. I’ve explained this in my annual newsletters. The 2014 newsletter is on my Newsletter page of this site now, and I’m about to mount the 2015 version this weekend. You can also sign up for my newsletter by mail or PDF attachment there too. I’m glad you wrote, because this transition is difficult for us all.

  • I love your Midnight Louie series. I discovered them years ago when they first came out. I have all the books except two of the 1st four “King of Heart” etc. I am having so much trouble getting the last two hardback or paperback in the alphabet series. Barnes & Noble and Amazon only carry the audio book as of now. If I’m having so much trouble getting the Z book I know it will even harder to get the last one and I so would like to have them all. I must have missed why it is so hard to get the last two in hardback or paperback. Does this mean that we will only be able to get e-books? I’m looking forward to Midnight Louie’s new adventures to come. I just hope that they won’t be as hard to get as these are.

  • Thanks for prodding, Bruce. I did a special library edition of Yellow Spotlight via Ingram Spark, at the proper 55% discount, but Ingram Spark goofed and marked the books unreturnable, when I wanted them returnable, because “unreturnable” books don’t sell. The update as “returnable” on the data base won’t happen until Sept. 27. Thanks for making your preferences known. That might be a problem. This is my first time through with doing this and I’m learning where the sandtraps are so I can avoid them next time!

  • Bruce Williams:

    My library (St. Louis County Library) has Yellow copies on order after I prodded and begged them. Books still haven’t been received. Ditto St. Louis Public Library, which doesn’t know of anything but the e-edition yet but said it would get. (Sigh) Small and new publishers can be very problematic and frustrating; ditto getting librarians to break their old habits of dealing with mega-companies. Help!

  • Hi!

    Cat in a Yellow Spot did not show up on Amazon in the print version until after pub date of Aug. 26. There is a library edition your local library can get from Ingram. Let them know. Book distribution is complex! Thanks for asking. I hope you’ve found the book by now.

  • Yasmine Ali:

    It seems the “y” book of Midnight Louis is only being published in ebook format. Amazon does not seem to have it any other format. The libraries near me do not have it even listed. What gives? Much thanks!

  • Babara, you are lucky to have two black cats! We had a white cat long ago named Shadow. We named her that because she was a very shy stray who’d only come to the food we left out for her after dark, when she was a pale “shadow” in the night. We were lucky to lure her in after a long time, and she didn’t even come near us for a year! Lovely girl! I plan to get a new Louie design available on T-shirts and everything else via an online site like Zazzle or Cafe Press. I think they offer V-neck shirts, if not scoop neck ones. I, like you, don’t like the close round-neck T-shirts. So we’ll see what I can do.

  • Barbara Kidman:

    Hi Louie ….and Carole of course!

    Louie, my two black cats, Shadow (eyes of pure gold)and Spooky (Emerald green eyes) know you are the ‘CAT’S MEOW’! While Shadow reminds me of your Ma, Spooky looks so much like Carole’s current pal it’s scary!
    I hope that your next shirt offer will include pictures (couldn’t find any for the current shirt) and wouldn’t it be great if the shirts were scoop-neck T’s since most of us buyers are probably of the feminine nature. They are so much more flexible and not just limited to ‘working in the garden’ wear but classy with everything from jeans to skirts. Hope you find this idea interesting enough to consider. Check out ‘scoop neck T’s’ at Old Navy for ideas.
    Looking forward as always to your next adventure!

  • Bobbie, Cat in a Yellow Spotlight will publish Aug. 26 of this year, with the Z book and a final Cat in a Alphabet Endgame book. Then Louie kicks off a new series!! The alphabet series storyline will be “completed,” but Louie and his friends will go on in the new series, with some new characters. This happened before with Louie’s 1990 four-book quartet that evolved into the 28-book alphabet series. So don’t worry. Louie will go on!


  • Bobbie Ference:

    I don’t know what to put for Website. Wanted to know if you will be having another Midnight Louie book after the Cat in a Alien X Ray? I’m 73 yrs old & ever a reader but I love cats and love the Midnight Louie series.

  • Thanks, Wendy, for posting. Three of the Louie books are on audio: Hyacinth Hunt, Indigo Mood and Jeweled Jumpsuit. I’m a theater major and have plans to read my books on audio. It’ll take a while to get that done, and I’ll probably start with the short stories. Just follow the entries under my name on online bookseller sites to see the latest books etc. that are available. Thanks for the encouragement!

  • Wendy:


    A good friend recommended the Midnight Louie series. I commute everyday to NYC and rely on audiobooks to retain my sanity during
    this process. Is there a reason none of yours are on audio? There
    are so many excellent readers out there who would do your stories
    justice. My two cents.

    Thank you for reading,

  • Hi, Dottie,

    Yes, people have been wondering about Louie’s first quartet getting back into print. I’m planning on it!! In both trade paperback and e-book format now that it’s economically possible for authors to do that. I’m also considering getting the original versions that were cut so much by the romance editor out in my original form. That would be a bit sexier version than the one I rescued for reprint in the early 2000s for my mystery readers. Those library hardcover editions are out of print and quite pricey if you can find them. This reissuing will take me a while, so please be patient. But they’re coming!

  • Hi Carole,

    Don’t know if anyone has ever asked you this before…. but,
    is there any chance that you would ever reissue the 4 ‘Louie’books:
    King of Clubs, Queen of Hearts, Jill of Diamonds, and Jack of Spades in mass market paperbacks. I would love to read Louie’s first books. Have read all of his except the last 5. Your books are hard to find at the used book stores in town (and that’s where I have to buy them to get them at a price I can afford). I will keep on looking for the last 5 thought!!! :~)
    Was just wondering about Louie’s first books.
    Thanks for listening. Keep up the great writing you do!!! Love your work!!! :~)

    TTFN, Dottie

  • Thanks for mentioning Probe, Shirley! It’s one of my favorites. And there was a sequel, Counterprobe. And I had two more books in mind. Look for ebook versions of the first two in the next year or so!

  • Shirley:

    Hello Carole,
    I’ve read “Probe” like years ago and I still like it. I know it may not be one of your most known books out there but for science fiction, I’m glad I read it. Keep it up!

  • Hi, Needy,

    My blog page is being a bit strange, so I have to answer your comment before I post it! Anything is more possible than it ever was, thanks to e-books. This means that authors’ can market their books direct to readers. And if the readers don’t like ebooks, a print trade paperback can be made. So . . . I’d love to get all the books you mention back in “print” or “ebook.” And if the time is granted to me, I’d love to finish the series I had to stop because of reasons beyond my control. So it’s good to hear what you’re hoping to see more of. 🙂 Thanks for writing!

  • Hi, Diana,

    Thanks for your very descriptive comments on the series! Thanks for telling me what you’re looking forward to. Yes, it’s hard getting older books, BUT . . . now it’s possible to revive them in ebook form. I know many readers want real books, but authors can convert e-book files to print trade paperbacks. I’m just learning the process. I’m glad you persisted in finding the copies, and you’re right that the tattoo needs to be explained. I’m getting the Irene Adler novellas into e-book so I can collect them in a print anthology. It’s more possible than ever now that there will be new stories. Thanks for you wonderful words!

  • Hi, Lisa,

    I thought I answered this message earlier, but my website blog was behaving strangely. Your suggestion has been registered. 🙂 Thanks
    for taking the time to express it.

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