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NEW! 28th and last Louie mystery
NEW! 28th and last Louie mystery

THE END IS HERE! Coming August 23 in trade paperback and eBook the 28th and last Midnight Louie feline PI mystery! There WILL be a wedding! Pre-order at Amazon and Apple!

Irene Adler books

Love love love the Irene Adler series! my favs so far have been the two involving Jack the ripper, real edge of your seat kind of reading! I really like reading these stories that possibly could have been true. its fascinating! Hope to see a new Irene Adler mystery soon!

This comment from came into an earlier, unconnected blog, so I’m moving it to the main one. Still learning to navigate my new web site. 🙂

How could I not love this comment? The Adler novels number eight, and the Jack the Ripper duology books are number five and six, Chapel Noir and Castle Rouge. They are really one book too long to publish in a single volume and are  now available in e-book. That’s good, because Chapel Noir has been out of print, but Castle Rouge is still available in new paperback.  I’d never expected that to happen–the duology not being available in both books–as my mystery novels have stayed in print for years. Nowadays, though, that’s not so common in the struggling print media.

The Adler series had a seven-year hiatus between the first four novels and the second four. No new ones are immediately forthcoming, but the first four books should soon be available in e-book, as the last four are:

The series titles are:  Good Night, Mr. Holmes, a New York Times Notable Book of the Year as well the winner of both mystery and romance awards, The Adventuress, A Soul of Steel, Another Scandal in Bohemia, Chapel Noir and Castle Rouge, Femme Fatale and Spider Dance.

Books 2-4 had other titles earlier, but those titles were echoed by another series, so that has been fixed now.

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  • Dear Sarah,

    You so nicely articulate all that I wanted to do with the series, and why I did it. 🙂
    Thank you! It’s great to hear that you’re ready for new Irene adventures. I have stories and novellas I plan to get in eBook and one story, “The Private Wife of Sherlock Holmes,” is free on Kindle until Tuesday morning. It’s available for sale there too and will be for sale on Nook Feb. 25.

    I can only make the first four Irene novels available in eBook, two with original relevant Doyle stories included and all four with Readers Guides for discussion groups. They were all out on the Barnes and Noble Nook and Amazon Kindle sites by Thanksgiving. You can enter my name and get the entire list of my 60 novels! (And you can download free Kindle and Nook readers to your computer and read eBooks on screen or in printouts.

    I’ll be getting some 70 projects out in eBook and trade paperback where I legally can in the next two, or three years, and new novels and stories as well.

  • Sarah C:

    Hi there!

    I’ve been a Sherlock Holmes fan for any number of years now, but I confess to loving Irene Adler just a little bit more than the famed detective. I had a lot of difficulty tracking down what I felt to be respectful adaptations of her character though. So many writers and artists seek to position her as a love struck junior to Sherlock or a lapdog to Moriarty. Her past gets exoticized with criminal activity, she’s overly sexualized and under developed as a character, and then, just when I think the story’s about to award her with some of her actual capabilities, she either becomes a damsel in distress that Sherlock has to save or she just gets killed outright.

    I was so happy to stumble across your books this past year. Some of them were difficult to track down (though if anyone’s still looking, AbeBooks was where I acquired most of my collection), but they were worth every second. You’ve written an Irene that fits comfortably into Doyle’s short story but then springs off the page in her own right. She’s capable and strong but not perfect and superhuman. She delights in a rivalry with Sherlock without submitting unto him. I marvel the relationship she develops on the page with Nell and Godfrey. It’s so refreshing to read a female character who is independent but maintains very close, healthy relationships. I also adore the supporting female characters in the novels. Not just Nell, but all of them. Too many narratives develop a single notable exception female, and it’s nice to see that Irene is in good, capable company.

    Thank you so much for writing this series. The books are an absolute pleasure to read. If anymore are forthcoming, I am there.

  • Hi, Bethany!

    Thanks for letting me know you found (and bought) all the Irene books! I’m getting the Irene novellas I wrote out in e-book and when they’re all converted to those files, I can have them put out in a collection in print trade paperback. I have to do this myself, so it takes some time. “The Private Wife of Sherlock Holmes” is just out in ebook. As for future Irene adventures, that depends on my time. Obviously, I wanted to continue the series and had some ideas. Right now authors can get their reverted (old) works out in ebook and then give them new life in print trade paperbacks. A very exciting turn of events, because that makes all my series books “live” again. Thanks for letting me know of your support!

  • Bethany:

    I just want to say how much I’ve enjoyed these books! I read the first one from the library and was so hooked I had to go out and buy all eight! My sister and I are huge Sherlock Holmes fans, and it was wonderful to find the Irene Adler series.
    Will there be a new story or book any time soon? It would make my year!

  • Nathan:

    Hi Carole!

    I’ve been a long time reader, first with your Louie series, and more recently with the Irene Adlers.

    My question is, with all the Sherlock Holmes movies out there, has there ever been any talk of making an Irene Adler movie or TV show? I would definitely tune in to that!

  • The very next thing I’ll be working on, Veronica, once I’ve put Louie’s latest novel “to bed,” as we used to say in the newspaper industry of an article going to print.

  • Veronica:

    I too have been craving more in the Irene Adler series and so do hope to see a story available for ereader in the near future.

  • Thanks, Bob! This is a wonderful site. Someday audiobooks of my latter Irene Adler novels with Nellie B. may be available.

  • Bob:

    Hi Carole,

    I’ve enjoyed the Irene Adler books with Nellie Bly and 19th century New York journalists. I mentioned the series in the Nellie Bly episode of my blog/podcast about dramatic-radio portrayals of journalists, which I’ll be sharing with students in the fall.

    You and your readers might enjoy hearing Agnes Moorehead as Nellie. Alas, Irene and Quentin do not appear. But then it was only a half-hour show. 🙂



  • I agree with you, Marietta!

    I’m so glad you’re such a dedicated fan of the series. New books are not in the cards right now, but I hope to get new-to-you stories and novellas on ebooks. The The Robert Downey, Jr., Sherlock Holmes series seems to have spurred new foreign sales for the series, so that’s good.

    Thanks for letting me know your druthers.

  • Dear Sue,

    Oh, yes, the hiatus has always been in the back of my mind. I could branch out into TV scripts, but a writer needs contacts in that world to do so and that takes a long time to build up. Also, there’s a learning curve moving to film formatted stories. The Sherlock series is a fun “reboot” and mixes new angles with snippets from the “Canon.” Lord knows what they will do with Irene Adler, but I hope she shrewd and feisty. Everybody in that cast is “young,” so that will affect her character. I hope they can refrain from making her a “bimbo.”

    Thanks for your thoughts!

  • Marietta:

    I want to go on record as requesting more Irene Adler books. She’s an intelligent resourceful woman and I love reading about her adventures. I’ve read the series several times, and own all the books. Another four would be great!

  • Sue:

    I am also a big fan of your Irene Adler series! I’m hoping you can shed new light on the two year hiatus in the Sherlock saga in an upcoming novel. I’m sure Irene would have something to do with it. Also, I would like to know your opinion of the new BBC series “Sherlock”, if you’ve seen it, with SH in the modern world. I understand that Irene Adler will be introduced in the 2nd season. Any chance that you could branch out into TV scripts? (hint, hint)

  • Yes, so do I, Leslie! I had a plan to take the series in a new direction, literally. One never knows when the opportunity may arise. It’s good to hear what readers want. I take every opportunity to write a new Adler short story because I know the series readers miss it, as I do. But it’s hard to find anthologies with the stories, so I want to get the stories out on e-book.

    I should be wishing you all Happy New Year by now!

  • Leslie:

    I’ll second that request for a new Irene Adler book! I want to read more of her marvelous adventures, and especially see how things turn out for Nell.

  • Hi, Nicole,

    I know, I know. I miss her too. I will if/when I can. Meanwhile, please sign up for my newsletter, where news about Irene and access to her short fiction will appear in due time.

    Thanks for writing,


  • nicole:

    please write a new Irene Adler book.

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