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NEW! 28th and last Louie mystery
NEW! 28th and last Louie mystery

THE END IS HERE! Coming August 23 in trade paperback and eBook the 28th and last Midnight Louie feline PI mystery! There WILL be a wedding! Pre-order at Amazon and Apple!

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  • Hi, Twyla! Yes, I can help. Crystal Days is the first half (two short novels) of the Midnight Louie Quartet. The second two novels are in Crystal Nights. The editor took the four stories, which she originally scheduled for publishing one a month in a contemporary romance line that was very successful, held them for four years, didn’t pay for them for three, finally, promising they would be “well published”. cut them them without my knowledge, and jammed them into two mass market paperbacks practically nobody saw. So years later, when I finally got the rights back, I got them published as “The Cat and the Playing Card” series. The Cat and the King of Clubs, The Cat and the Queen of Hearts,The Cat and the Jill of Diamonds and The Cat and the Jack of Spades. In the meantime, I had moved Louie into a mystery series. There war very “dirty work at the crossroads” with the Quartet and I’ll be bringing it out again next year, as it’s out of print in all formats. I’ll also be starting my publishing memoirs, I hope!!

  • twila forsyth:

    hi carole! I have a copy of crystal days, but cant find a list of the series it belongs to. could you help me out here? thanks twila

  • Hi, Barbara,

    You are so right that Louie isn’t the ‘suit’ type. He makes that clear at the end of Cat in a Zebra Zoot Suit. He agrees with Spooky and Shadow. We had a white cat named Shadow for some years. She was a stray who’d only come to eat the outside kibble after dark, when she was a “white shadow” in the night. We finally got her inside, and she would sleep on our bed, but she never became a snuggler. And Midnight Louie III, adopted from the Humane Society four years ago, was named “Spooky” in the shelter! We hope your Spooky and Shadow will prosper and live long. 🙂 Carole and Louie

  • Barbara Kidman:

    Hi Louie and Carole:

    I got your recent notice and am so glad to hear that Louie’s adventures are continuing. I can hardly wait to get my hands on this but honestly, Louie isn’t the ‘suit’ type, not even a Zoot Suit! I talked with Spooky and Shadow about this possibility and both agreed, cats don;t like to be dressed up – they are quite beautiful as is!

    I remain, waiting with baited breath and hanging on every word…..

    Your loyal friend,
    Miss Barbara

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