Yazzie! My e-mail program lost your message and address

Hi! Your cat pix were on the large size and somehow got your email deleted just after I opened it. I saved the cat pix to a computer folder but lost all contact with you.  I hope you check here.  Sigh.

Carole & Louie

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  • Hi, Gayle,

    I get swamped with email . . . and everything else. I remember your pictures. I think I saved them. I always enjoy hearing from reader and seeing their cats! Hope you are finding Louie in sequence. I’m putting the early ones in ebook as fast as I can. I don’t own print rights. Not visiting D.C. :(

  • Hi, Darcy,

    Greetings to you and all your four-foots!

    I’m so sorry for your loss of Ephies. Midnight Louie, Jr., had his “watchcat,” Audrey the former feral, beside him to the end, besides us. We did have to realize that the double loss was so eerie that it was meant to be. We now have Midnight Louie III, adopted at eight weeks from the Humane Society in hopes that he would bond with the terribly bereaved Audrey, who howled her loss daily. It took a few months, but she did bond with this new black cat and we call them “the two-headed cat” when they sleep together on the piano by the window.

  • Gayle Benitez:

    Hi Carole,
    I sent you several emails and a bunch of pictures a couple of weeks ago. I hope your email didn’t lose them. I know you are very busy.
    I hope enjoy them.

    I just ordered ‘Catnap’. Since I came in at the middle of the story, i am going back to the beginning.

    Are you going to do any meet and greet events in the Washington D.C. area?

    Bye for now

  • If you read Cat on a Blue Monday, you’ll find that a big part of the plot is a clergyman telling an elderly lady that her cats won’t go to heaven. I’ve dreamed of seeing a pet who’s passed looking happy too. And we know dogs and cats dream, because their will “run” sometimes in their sleep.

  • Yes, technology has outdated us all. :)) This should be the Midnight Louie comment page, but it named itself after an email I sent to a commenter and I don’t know how to change it.

    I love getting cat photos I might be able to reproduce in my newsletter. Send to: cdouglas@catwriter.com please!

  • Hi, Gayle,

    That’s an amazing story. Houdini had a hypnotizing presence when he was alive. I wouldn’t doubt some of it lingered at his estate.

    Thanks for the story and link. The place looks fascinating.

    Very Best Fishes,

    Carole and Louie

  • Gayle Benitez:

    Still thinking about the Cat with the Emerald Eye, the characters in the book seemed to expect to actually see/hear spirits, but in my experience, it has been more of a feeling that they were there, or hearing a comment in my mind, not out loud. Also in dreams.
    My dog, Buddy, died a couple of years ago. My pastor said that since the Bible doesn’t mention it anywhere, Dogs probably don’t go to Heaven. I disagree. I am sure that God appreciates a good dog as much as everybody else. When I was staying at Posada Del Angel(Inn of the Angel) in Valle de Los Angeles, Honduras, near dawn, dogs were barking outside my window. Buddy came to me in a dream, looking beautiful and young and happy again. I fed him a treat. I am sure he is in Heaven and Angels are watching over me.

  • Gayle Benitez:

    I see a lot of comments about e books and Kindle. I still like to hold my paperbacks in my hand. I’m not sure how to work this website either. I am probably commenting in the wrong place. If I knew your email, I could send you photos of my cats. We have one very old one and two kittens we rescued last fall.

  • Gayle Benitez:

    I just finished reading the Cat with the Emerald Eyes about Harry Houdini. It made me think about something that happened over forty years ago, when I was about twenty. I was visiting a friend who lived in Laurel Canyon, had hitch hiked part of the way up the hill, walked the rest. I saw a bench in a stone wall around an overgrown, unkept property. I sat to rest a minute, but began to get a strange feeling that I was not alone. The feeling grew until I decided maybe I should move on. When I got to my friend’s house, further up the hill, I told him about what happened and asked who lived there. He said ‘Harry Houdini’. Looking back, I thought maybe he was pulling my leg, but I googled it and voila •Photos and all! 2400 Laurel Canyon Blvd
    Los Angeles, CA 90046
    Hollywood Hills West


  • LOL, Rick. It is indeed a compliment when someone who doesn’t like cat mysteries likes Louie. I think it’s because Louie is a real PI and noir guy.The series also has that international IRA plotline that is more thriller than the average cat “cozy.” I’m glad you point out that Matt and Max both have strengths and weaknesses. For the author, the interplay between these factors makes the books interesting to write. Huh. Leopard Spot and the Name of the Wind read in tandem. I love NotW. :) Quite a combo. For some reason, Leopard Spot gets lower online ratings. I wonder if that’s because it tackles a darker animal issue, canned hunts, and might have offended some from hunting families. I really enjoyed exploring the life and possible insight into the minds of the big performing cats in that book.

  • Rick:

    I dislike mysteries with cat detectives with some strange, and unholy passion.

    I was at a friend’s house, had nothing to read, so put on her audio book of one of the Midnight Louie books. I was drawn in by Louie’s personality, and those of the other merad cast of characters in the book.

    Off an on, I’ve gotten your series from my library, pored a glass of something, and got lost in a style of literature I don’t normally enjoy. Any author who can get me to read something I normally detest, deserves my respect. Then again, I’m not the average Rickness.

    Interestingly enough, my sister, lover of cat mysteries and whatnot does not like your series.

    Someone, in the comments, wrote that Max has more depth than does Mat, I respectfully disagree. They both hav their strenths and weaknesses, but being well traveled and mysterious does not lend a deeper sense of character to one or the other.

    I’m back to the Leopard book by you, and the Name of the Wind; it makes for an interesting couple of books to be reading at the same time.


  • Darcy:

    Hi Carole –

    Just finished reading Cat in a White Tie and Tails…..started with Catnap…..LOVE the series!!! But this is about the personal losses you shared at the end of “White Tie”…..Midnight Louie Jr and Xanadu.

    Just this past July our 20 year old orange tabby “Ephraim” (Ephies) headed for the rainbow bridge…..
    at home, on his own terms while I was at work,
    his younger sisters, Jezzabee and Abby, along with his younger brother Louie (all feline) were with him,
    guarding and taking care of him until I got there.
    Six months later…..I still miss him every single day.

    I cannot even begin to imagine what it would be to lose two “children” at the same time.
    My heart goes out to you and your family for your losses.
    I will admit that I found it oddly soothing to think that they went together.

    Thank you for the wonderful work you do with no-kill shelters (all of our children were adopted from such facilities) and have complete belief that another loving soul will find their way into your home and your hearts. Although they never “replace” those that have been there before…..they certainly do fill some of the empty spaces left behind.

    Darcy, Jary
    Jezzabee, Abby and Louie

  • Dear Anita,

    I recall I answered you by email on that! You remind me that I MUST manage to find time to update my website more. My clones have been lying down on the job! Ordering online is always best these days. We have had so many rescue cats over the years and admire the work of people like your sister to save so many pets from horrible lives, or deaths.

  • Anita:

    Ms. Douglas:

    I just recently finished “Cat on a Hyacinth Hunt”, Fort Worth Central Library had a copy. I am interested in reading more recent works and was glad to find your website.

    My sister in Carrollton is the founder of Kitty Save, a non-profit dedicated to medical treatment and new homes for cats. You can google the website. She has worked hard on this project last few years and placed many well deserving cats into good homes.

    My sister is going to be recovering from surgery next several weeks. I would like to obtain a couple books autographed and “pawprinted” for her as a get well soon gift. What do you recommend? Order online or the Fort Worth PO Box?

    Thank you,
    Anita Martin
    Fort Worth, Texas

  • Ann in SF--:

    Just completed the newest and hot off the press–Cat in an Alien X-Ray! Another smashing suspense filled saga, Ms Carole, and I enjoyed the more frequent “Louie” insights and humor. Always unexpected twists and unfinished business which now must keep for yet another year!! Waiting for the “Y”! Why must you keep us on the edge for so long?? I frequently wear the midnight Louie wild purple T shirt to enlighten more people to this marvelous humorous mystery solving sleuth! Enjoy writing!

  • Hi, Margaret,

    Thanks for contacting me! You’ll see by my last answer that the earlier 12 books are coming in eBooks as soon as I can prepare them. This November should have several out for Christmas!

  • Margaret:

    I wanted to thank you for writing your Midnight Louie books. I love them. It’s hard to find the older books. Will they be released for ebooks?

  • Hi, Jessica,

    I’m planning on starting a new Delilah book this summer. Meanwhile, Once Upon a Midnight Noir in eBook and soon, trade paperback, has two Delilah stories along with a Midnight Louie story that finishes Poe’s last, never completed work.

  • jessica:

    What is happening with the Delilah series? Is it over or will there be more books?

  • Hi, Nathan!

    Are you sharp-eyed! No, that’s just a coincidence. I’m preparing Catnap to come out in eBook and I’ll keep that in mind when I proofread it! Max is Michael Aloysius Xavier (Max) Kinsella.

    Since I didn’t go to the alphabetical title format until the third book, Cat on a Blue Monday, I’m renaming Catnap as Cat in an Alphabet Soup: the series begins. Book 2, Pussyfoot, will become Cat in an Aqua Storm or the like, and next will come Cat on a Blue Monday. And so on. This way I won’t have to say “after the first two books, Catnap and Pussyfoot, the alphabet begins with the B book” any more!! I’ll clearly label the first two books as previously published by their original titles.

    The sales force found that having “cat” in the title made for more sales, which is why I had to find a new title format for book # 3. I had wanted to be “different” with the titling, but couldn’t argue that I also wanted Louie to have the most sales he could have. And we all know Cats Rule.

  • Nathan:

    Hi Carole!

    I was just recently re-reading Catnap and noticed that Mary Ellen Gilhooley’s husband’s name is Michael Xavier. I was curious if this was just a coincidence, or if there was some connection to Max there?

  • Thanks for your comment! Yes, I don’t want to give the title away, but
    another one is in the works for next year.

  • Hi, Gwen,

    It’s always interesting to hear reader preferences regarding Max and Matt. :) That
    storyline is coming down to the finish line!


  • Dear Paola,

    I have an Irene Adler novella set in Warsaw, so I’m getting close to your suggestion.
    That’s titled “Dracula on the Rocks” and I’ll be making it available in eBook form first.
    I’m delighted the Adler books have been published in Poland! And to hear from a Polish
    reader. My mother’s family emigrated from Bohemia in the 19th century, so it’s been fun
    to visit Prague in the books.

    Thanks for writing,


  • Janey:

    are there anymore delilah street books coming out i have read the 4 of them so far excellent books

    Janey :)

  • Gwen:

    I like Max too, but Matt is a normal guy with a career in show biz and He’s a better match. Nice that Max might come back as another type of man.

  • Paola:

    I request to you, namely, whether the next book by Ms. Irene Adler shares could not be played in the Polish city – Kraków. To me this city really deserves to be included in your series.

  • Not this year, but next.

    Thanks for asking, Lee.

  • Lee:

    Hi, will there be any more Delilah Street books?

  • Hi, Leon! Yes, e-books are coming! But I also need to write new Midnight Louie books. :) If you go to http://www.wishlistpublishing.com, you’ll see what’s available in e-book so far. Midnight Louie’s “Fruit of the Tomb” short story includes an interview of me, by Louie. “The Private Wife of Sherlock Holmes” is an Irene Adler novella. And I have two “Scrooge” Christmas Carol pastiches, “Scrogged,” the novella that inspired the short novel, “A Wall Street Christmas Carol.” I hope to get those out together for next Christmas in e-book and trade paperback print. It’s exciting to know how many are waiting for this new format.

    Thanks for your understanding and patience.

    Carole and Louie

    Please bear with Louie and me. Converting print work to e-books is a many-process thing. We’re

  • Leon Jordan:

    Are you going to put the early Midnight Louie books (ie catnap and pussyfoot) on Kindle? We have all the other ones except cat in a jewel jumpsuit is on audio.

  • Hi, Edwina,

    I’m often in the same quandary about web communications myself.
    This did get to me, so that’s good! Glad you’re enjoying the series.

    The next books due out are Cat in a Vegas Gold Vendetta in paperback
    this June and Cat in a White Tie and Tails in hardcover in August.
    So I can tell you that a lot has happened since book “Q.”

    I’m glad to know your druthers on the romance front. You are not alone!



  • Edwina:

    Sorry if I’m commenting in the wrong place, couldn’t figure out where/how to do it and saw this.

    I do so enjoy your books, especially the ones featuring Midnight Louie. In process of collecting all of them, but was extremely disappointed when Cat in a Quicksilver Caper ended with Max’s death. Had hoped it would turn out to be a mistaken death or trick, but if Max doesn’t come back, not sure I want to read further. Matt is sweet, but Temple is his first love and normal people move on from their first love, so he’d get over it. Max has more depth, is exciting, and would make a deeply worthy mate for life. Just a reader who so hopes Max comes back : ) Thank you for such wonderful books!

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