Still More to Come from Carole Nelson Douglas

Carole was far from finished with her publishing career when she unexpectedly passed in 2021, but her her estate still has a number of surprises left in store for her fans…

Coming Soon: SIX OF SWORDS

Forty years ago, before Midnight Louie ever set his sleek, black paw on the literary scene, Carole was famous for a five book high fantasy series beginning with a title called Six of Swords, featuring Irissa the Torloc, Kendric the Wrathman, and Felabba the snow white, telepathic cat…

Cat and the King of Clubs is on Sale Now!

Cat and the King of Clubs, the first of four Midnight Louie prequels, is on sale in eBook format at Amazon and Kobo now!

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What’s up with new content coming out even though Carole has passed away?

Carole has over twenty books in print that were published before the internet era. She wanted to convert these older books to a digital format and make them available as eBooks for the first time ever. She never wanted her career to end, and so we’re extending it for her as long as we can by following her wishes and bringing back those titles in new editions. All books will be released in digital format, and we will also make print copies available wherever we have the rights to do so.  We hope a new generation will discover the now out-of-print books she wrote in the 1980s and ’90s and love them as much as her current fans do!

The estate will likely not have access to Carole’s personal Facebook account indefinitely, so we are really encouraging fans and friends who would like to stay connected to follow Carole’s estate on her new social media pages. 

We decided to make Temple Barr the face of the estate, since after all, promotion is Temple’s job–and what better client than Carole could she ever have? Behind the name Temple Barr is a team of friends, family, and contractors working to fulfill Carole’s wishes.

Thank you to all the fans who are sticking with us as we move forward, fulfilling Carole’s wishes, and doing our best to honor her life, work, and incredible achievements, as well as Carole herself–a genuinely wonderful person who was always willing to advise new writers, save animals, and help virtually anyone in any way she could.  

Temple Barr

Temple Barr

Behind the image of Temple Barr is a team of friends, family, and contractors working to fulfill Carole’s last wishes. Temple Barr is also the face and the voice of the Estate on social media. 

We invite you to join Temple and other fans in the Friends and Fans of Carole Nelson Douglas Facebook group online. To request admission, click the button below, which will take you to the group’s page. Just request to join, and you’re in! We look forward to connecting with you!

New and Hot!  

For the first time ever, you can binge read the entire Midnight Louie Series in e-book format! Join Temple, Matt, Max, Molina,  Louie and friends in Las Vegas and beyond as they solve murders most foul, navigate international intrigue, and find love once and forevermore.

The game’s afoot! (Ahem… apaw, that is.) And it’s totally pawesome!

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