I want to express how much Iยดve enjoyed reading your Irene Adler series that I just recently discovered. Thank you for writing it. Every reading passage including her interacting with Sherlock Holmes left me the impression of having a bite in a delicious and luxurious chocolate that filled all my senses. I really enjoyed and it trapped me, besides it took me to Europe XIX century with all the details that made the whole experience even more exquisite. It was not easy at all to get your books, but I tried my best and after months I did it and read them all. I liked all the books of course but I have the feeling that is not over yet. I want to know about the tattoo that the gypsy told her she would have done and the love story between Stanhope and the marvelous Nell. Iยดm in love with all characters. Thank you again for giving this to the world of the classics.

CND: Thanks, Diana! Your email came into an unconnected blog, so I moved it to the proper place, hoping that will get going. Your praise is lavish and heart-warming. This is a time of transition in the print media and publishing world and readers like you who persist in getting all the books make a writer very happy. The entire series will be on e-book soon, as the latter four books already are. That’s the way it’s going, I’m afraid, for those who prefer print books. Most are still available in new paperbacks.

I never say never, having written almost sixty novels. The Adler books were suspended for seven years and came back, and may do so again. There are no immediate plans, I’m sorry to say.