Welcome to the blog and my latest series protagonist, Delilah Street.

In Delilah’s Las Vegas of 2013, CSI is a world-wide franchise, the Inferno, Karnak and Gehenna hotels give an apocalyptic twist to the Strip, and a future Midnight Louie, feline PI, can even cross over to darkside Vegas in short stories.

Delilah accidentally became the Urban Fantasy bartender when she invented the Albino Vampire white chocolate-raspberry cocktail in the first book, Dancing with Werewolves.

She’s dancing with all varieties of scary or sexy supernaturals in Brimstone Kiss, Vampire Sunrise, and the forthcoming Silver Zombie, and there are matching cocktails, natch. Oh, and some of those supernaturals are both scary and sexy.

Good thing Delilah rescued 150-pound wolfhound-wolf cross dog, Quicksilver, and developed some weird talents of her own.

Paranormally Yours,