Hi, Carole,

I have recently re-read (for the ?nth time) Six of Swords (I have and love all the other Irissa/Kendrick tales, too)and it inspired me to track down the Taliswoman books. Now I’m hot to read the third (which,from your comments, I assume you have ready in MS somewhere, even though it was regrettably never published).

Is there a realistic chance of this ever happening? If not, is there any possibility of posting a precis of the plotline on your webpage, just so we know what happens in the end? I so hope that Alison and Rowen get together and Darnellyne’s face is healed and how Alison explains the missing 5 months, – etc., etc., etc.

Yours wistfully,

‘Needy’ ;)

Dear ‘Needy,

I love writing that above opening. So Ann Landers.

I’m still getting posts on the discontinued “stub” blog, so I’ll have to look into that. Meanwhile, I’ve copied your query to the main blog and I’ve entered a “Fantasy and Science Fiction” category there. Thanks to you.

I’m glad you found all five of  the Irissa/Kendric books and the two Taliswoman novels. The third book of the trilogy fell victim to being postponed by the publisher as my two mystery series got going and did so well I never found time to get back to it.

But I never say never in publishing. The Probe/Counterprobe sequence was to have four books, not two, and perhaps I can resume it later too.

As for giving you a hint of the Taliswoman ending, I wrote the first chapter years ago, but am an “organic” writer, which means I let the characters loose to surprise me as well as the readers. So I don’t have it written or even a plot outline. I can say that I wouldn’t leave anybody hanging over an abyss, or undealt with by the end.

Thanks for enjoying the books and asking about Taliswoman. Things happen authors (and publishers) can’t control, especially nowadays when the print media is changing so fast and who knows what will be the case in as little as two or three years?