Love love love the Irene Adler series! my favs so far have been the two involving Jack the ripper, real edge of your seat kind of reading! I really like reading these stories that possibly could have been true. its fascinating! Hope to see a new Irene Adler mystery soon!

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How could I not love this comment? The Adler novels number eight, and the Jack the Ripper duology books are number five and six, Chapel Noir and Castle Rouge. They are really one book too long to publish in a single volume and areย  now available in e-book. That’s good, because Chapel Noir has been out of print, but Castle Rouge is still available in new paperback.ย  I’d never expected that to happen–the duology not being available in both books–as my mystery novels have stayed in print for years. Nowadays, though, that’s not so common in the struggling print media.

The Adler series had a seven-year hiatus between the first four novels and the second four. No new ones are immediately forthcoming, but the first four books should soon be available in e-book, as the last four are:

The series titles are:ย  Good Night, Mr. Holmes, a New York Times Notable Book of the Year as well the winner of both mystery and romance awards, The Adventuress, A Soul of Steel, Another Scandal in Bohemia, Chapel Noir and Castle Rouge, Femme Fatale and Spider Dance.

Books 2-4 had other titles earlier, but those titles were echoed by another series, so that has been fixed now.